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Vice President Problems

22 years 11 months ago #94256 by PTOTim
Replied by PTOTim on topic RE: Vice President Problems

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23 years 6 days ago #94255 by jswindell
Replied by jswindell on topic RE: Vice President Problems
Hang in there. Don't give up. I also have problems with my v.p., who was the pres. for numerous years. She has tried almost everything trying to get me to quit. But I have refused to give up. In reguards to your by-laws, all the officers should have a private meeting to make the necessary changes. Then present them to the school board/principal for approval. Then present them to the members for voting.
23 years 1 month ago #94254 by LisaH
Replied by LisaH on topic RE: Vice President Problems
I hate this part of being the President. I think if you have by-laws in place it might tell you how to make changes. I think any changes should be voted on for approval.

Also you might try looking at other PTO by-laws. I think you could probavly get this information off of different PTO websites.

Just a thought.

23 years 1 month ago #94253 by Pres88
Replied by Pres88 on topic RE: Vice President Problems
I would say that re-writing the by-laws would be the job of the executive board and once they where written and all agreed upon then I would bring them to the general membership for a vote. Of course this will take time to draft them and then advertise the meetingbefore the vote.

Our by-laws state that the President is in charge and actually has say over any and all commitees and the VP is to fill in in the absence of the president. Of course I give the VP certain jobs to do but she can not go out and make the rules.

Good luck and stick with it.
23 years 1 month ago #94252 by Dottie
Replied by Dottie on topic RE: Vice President Problems
First off don't give up the fight....... Hold your ground. When I first took over the position of president I had one of the past officers think that she could run right over me, though me well basically anyway that she could. She also went to our superintentdent over something to do with PTO. The superintendent was very nice about it and called me wanting to know about it and I very nicely informed him that I had no idea what he was talking about. So the very nice meeting right before we adjourned I stood up and said I would like to let everyone know that since I was voted in as president that before they go to anyone or anything pertaining to PTO that I be notified first. I then thanked them for their support. This is all it took and I have not had this happen again. I for one think that all of the officers should be involved in making your bylaws. Not just one officer. Of course they should be voted upon too. If you need any help with them I can try to get you a copy of ours. But hey don't give up you were elected to be president and just keep thriving for the goal that you set out to do. I have found that I can't make everyone happy all the time just try to keep plugging away........
23 years 1 month ago #94251 by Roxie
Vice President Problems was created by Roxie
Hello again, I have got a problem with the vice president .Iam the President of our parent teacher student connection,This person has over stepped some things like going to the school administration dept and complaining that our school does not encourage parent involvement.I have alot of parents who are more than willing to help me with things I need help with. I was informed by our principal that the district administration made some suggestions on things that might help to get parents involved.The bylaws that we have are very old and need to revised,I said this to the principal and it was agreed upon .So at our meeting last night the VP said to me that we need to discuss the bylaws I in return said yes but before we do that I have to get some people who have had the expericance in writing bylaws and know thecorrect procedure.At this point she said oh no you dont I am writing them at work so it is all taken care of.What can I do as the President to make her and her little clic of followers realize that they are not in control like they think .Because they have went to the district they now have the power to run and control everything the only time we see these people are at the meetings to complain that they didnt get a note or this is wrong or what ever is their major problem . Any and all replies are more than welcomed.I am ready to walk away because I am fighting a losing battle that has really discouraged me and alot of good people who do alot for the school and for the children. I thought a PTO was for the children and not to gain prestige that is not been earned.

Thanks Again
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