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23 years 2 weeks ago #94287 by clarkslucky13
I ment the SCHOOL almost lost the contract it has for the building!! I need to do replys earlier in the day!
23 years 4 weeks ago #94286 by INQUISITIVE PTO'er
Okay...this one is for "clarkslucky13" I'm way jealous...did you say that your PTO has it's own building?? We were excited to have our own closet!! Please tell me that the $100,000 was a typo!! Our PTO has probably had that much...if you add five years of fundraising combined...You've got to let me know how big your organization is...e-mail me!!!
23 years 4 weeks ago #94285 by clarkslucky13
I just finished the 2 page addition to our By-Laws to handle a complaint/problem. I will try to summerize as much as I can. The member with the concern or issue asks for an informal meeting with the board member in question. Step 2 is meeting the board, we decide if it can be resolved Step 3 goes to the general meeting and if the Board member is in the wrong voting begins to remove the person according to Roberts Rules. Wow I didit! The long version is 2 pages so I haope the short helps! We had a President that started a whole lotta crap last spring and we nearly lost our contract with the school district and our lease for the new builing we are purchaseing + 100,000 gone for legal fees from the school budget! ANYWAY! The school's issues have been cleared and we still have our building but the PTO members truely felt thet was grounds to boot! It's been a long and difficult year but she has been far! Good Luck
23 years 4 weeks ago #94284 by Dottie
The only thing we have in our bylaws is the following.

Any officer or member of this organization that has legal action taken against him/her, on the behalf of the organization, will no longer be allowed to be a memember.

As far as removing a member I would think that it would be a very touchy situation and have to be handled in a delicate way. I don't know the circumstances of why you would want to remove a member but I would think that it would have to be dire circumstances in order to do so.
23 years 1 month ago #94283 by INQUISITIVE PTO'er
I am asking this question due to the fact that I have had this question put forward to myself from others. In wanting to give out the correct information to the inquiring parties, I have brought this question here in order to receive input from other PTO Officers in regards to how/what information they would handle such an inquiry with. This question should NOT be taken as a personal attack on any individual person, but should be taken as a request of knowledge from existing PTO Officers.
This is what I have so far related to the inquiring parties:
1. ALL By-Laws should be followed acurately in such action.

2. The "item of concern" should be placed on the agenda of the meeting it is to be brought up under.

3. The meeting should be verbally taped , so as to have an accurate record of such.

4. This matter should not be taken lightly and should be looked into by the Executive committee, at the least, prior to being put on an agenda for a meeting.

Have I missed anything ? Do you have anything further to note? Could you please provide an answer as to how [your] PTO would/has handled such an issue> Thank You.

What I [in the position of PTO President] am asking is:

1. Exactly what would compel [your] PTO to seek such an action?

2. What exactly are the steps that would be taken to seek such?

3. What, if any restrictions would be in place in regards to this Officer's future connection with [your] PTO. { OF COURSE WE [pto'S] WANT TO WORK TOGETHER FOR THE BENEFIT OF OUR CHOILDREN/STUDENTS, but if something arises that leads to an Officer being taken out of their position as an Officer, would there be any restrictions placed upon this person?]
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