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Parent unsure if I will attend another meeting; Please provide insight

23 years 1 month ago #94304 by Concerned Mom
I am trying to sort through all the posts here...The post written by "another parent" did raise some issues that I would like to address. (1) as to the secretary being in charge...our school does the same thing, many times the principal has to step out for meetings or lunch. However if this is a concern for you it should be brought to the principal or school board...not the PTO. (2) As for your children living on the dirtiest street that should be taken to the Mayor..not the PTO or the school for that matter...have you thought about organizing a neighborhood clean up...this is true community involvement...perhaps having a neighborhood watch in place would also help. I believe your concerns are all valid, however knowing the proper places to take them to is the key...people can talk till their blue in the face, but if they are talking to the wrong people the issues will never be resolved.
23 years 1 month ago #94303 by Concerned Mom
Another Mom you ar getting too personal in your post. Please refrain from turning this board into a personal battleground, as noted by other posters here above in reaction to "iwsa there" post. Just like "iswathere"'s post you seem to have my school confused with yours also. Maybe you 2 are from the same school that seems to be having so many problems. Just a suggestion but maybe your school's parents should get together with your principal and PTO officers like my school is going to now, as advised above, to work on a solution to ALL work together for the benefit of the school's students.
Not Wondering anymore
23 years 1 month ago #94302 by Concerned Mom
I am another parent at the school in which I feel the secretary had every right to question the procedure of the meetings. There is alot going on behind the scenes and it is upsetting to realize that the president is more worried about the speaker than the concerns that the secretary brought up. I can tell you for sure that the problem didnt just start at the last meeting . We parents need to know more about were the money that our kids(WE) are raising is. Is there an accounting? We are not hearing in our newsletter that the pto is broke.WHY? Our we really? Who is donating what for prizes? Shouldnt the people or organizations be advised who won their donated prize or present it. Why do our kidds have the dirtiest street in the neighborhood? Why does the secretary get left in charge if the principal is out. Why cant the parents eat or set with their children for breakfast. And the list can go on and on but the PTO is the one who should be finding the solutions to these and other issues. REAL ISSUES BRING COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT There seems to be alot of not letting the parents know what is really going on because in my news letter everything is very sugarcoated. The purpose of PTO is to bring parents and teachers together for the betterment of the children this is not happening and it was only a matter of time before someone had the courage to confront it .
23 years 1 month ago #94301 by swhitford
Sorry concerned Mom. I didn't mean to offend anyone but this sounded alot like a post that was there this weekened where they had a problem at their PTO meeting. I was responding more to i wsa their's post more than yours.

No, I don't think what happened at your meeting is the norm and if that did happen at one of our meetings I too would be very concerned. It sounds to me like the mtg just got off track with personal issues. I don't have a solution but maybe having an executive meeting to hash out the problems might help. The problem with our PTA is that we don't get enough parents at our meetings to ever have this kind of problem.

Good luck.
23 years 1 month ago #94300 by Concerned Mom
sorry sounds a little to familar with problems we are having at the current time
23 years 1 month ago #94299 by Concerned Mom
i tried to edit previous post, but could not. we did not have a guest speaker at our meeting either. just wanted to make sure it is realized that there seems to be confusion over which pto meeting group i am from.
sorry for the re-post
i wonder no more
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