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23 years 5 months ago #94323 by jswindell
Replied by jswindell on topic RE: By-laws
I am a new president this year with our PTO program. We hold our elections in the Fall at our first meeting. When I was elected Pres., I took over the meeting at that time. I had no idea what I was doing, and the agenda was already planned. It was terrible. I am considering changing things. I do not recommend having the elections in the Fall.
23 years 5 months ago #94322 by Connie
Replied by Connie on topic RE: By-laws
Our elections are held in April so the new officers are in their chairs for the last meeting. Works out great as far as planning the next years events and also helps keep an objective tone to the expenditures. We also get a committee of parents, teachers, the principal and the treasurer. First thing we do after seeing how much we have to spend is take out our carry over/ start up for next year. Good Luck!
23 years 5 months ago #94321 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic RE: By-laws
We hold our elections in May at the last meeting, so it's up to the new group to organize for the Fall. However, we don't necessarily worry about filling every committee chair spot (especially some of the co-chairs). That generally leaves a few spots to recruit Kindergarten parents in the Fall.

Our By-Laws specify that "A minimum of $2,000 shall be carried over each year as start-up monies. The PTO may carry-over any amount above this $2,000 as it deems necessary." I'm a bit conservative myself, so I'm likely to aim for $3000.

I like the idea of the 2 year terms with staggered election of key officers. But, I don't know that we could have gotten those type of time commitments up front.
23 years 5 months ago #94320 by Pres88
Replied by Pres88 on topic RE: By-laws
Hi, we hold our electrions at the May meeting. The transfer of power does not happen until the end of the school year but at least the new officers are in place. Currently our by-laws call for 2 year terms and as it has worked out, the pres and vp are elected one year and the treas and sec are elected the next. This has worked out well so you never have an entire new board. Also at the May meeting we try to fill all the chairs so it will be easier come Sept.

As far as money, we have voted on an amount to try to keep each year as start up money but have not had this figure listed in the by laws, it is listed in the treasurers report. Also we have limits on how much a person can spend, ie the Pres can spend up to $100.00, the borad up to $500.00 and over that a vote at a meeting is required.

Hope this helps

23 years 5 months ago #94319 by HeidiK
Replied by HeidiK on topic RE: By-laws
I don't know about the budget thing in your bylaws but almost every school I know does elect officers in the spring. Seems like no matter when you elect you could have a problem with the outgoing officers. Doesn't the membership have to approve expenditures?
23 years 5 months ago #94318 by Dottie
By-laws was created by Dottie
I have a couple of questions regarding bylaws. First off we are thinking of changing some of our bylaws. One is dealing with electing officers in September. What has happened in the past is outgoing officers have sat down in the May meeting and literally gave away thousands and thousands of dollars. One time they left just $200.00 for the incoming officers. I want to avoid this from happening in the future. Can we put in there that a certain dollar amount must be left for the new incoming officers?

Second questions regards elections of officers. Has anyone ever went and held elections in May so that the new officers can be installed and have their heads on straight and have the summer to get everything together? So that when September comes around they arent running around trying to get a fund raiser put together in a matter of weeks?

Thanks for your opinions on this... everyone here has been a great help. This is my first year as president and I know that it's been rough in spots but over all it has been a rewarding position. Thankless but personally rewarding.
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