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Executive Board's Confidentially Breached

23 years 2 weeks ago #94331 by clarkslucky13
Replied by clarkslucky13 on topic RE: Executive Board's Confidentially Breached
I am closing up on my second term and still find the help and opinon of the former board members helpful and very valuable. But if this is an issue that this person is opening her mouth when she shouldn't be, that's a problem. How do the other board members feel? You need their backing if you are going to aproach her--BOY I can't stress that enough! Hopefully she is not meaning any harm and didn't realize that your meetings are confidentional, but if not well, NICELY (remember she has everyones' phone numbers!)reminder if she has a problem WE as a team need to solve the issue before the meeting. I hope this helps and hang in there!
23 years 2 weeks ago #94330 by sweetstick
Executive Board's Confidentially Breached was created by sweetstick
One member of our Board is telling past Chairs and other old Board members current issues up for discussion in our exec. brd. meetings. She is causing havoc - these people are calling the exsisting Board with their opinions. This information was not for anyone's ears but ours. What can I do??
She is the last of the old board members and they still think they have control. HELP!!
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