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Troublesome Treasuer

22 years 10 months ago #94336 by Critter
Replied by Critter on topic RE: Troublesome Treasuer
At this point, I'd likely stay out of it. The good news is that your school has a precendent for an annual audit. Do everything you can to ensure that takes place this summer. If there are problems with the books, and she doesn't want to seek help now, the audit should straighten it all out this summer.

That said, if you have reason to be concerned that she has lost control of the finances, and PTO may be spending money you don't really have, then you have a bigger issue. In that case, your fellow officers need to come together and ask her for an accurate financial snapshot. Does she produce a monthly report? Hopefully YES and you have some confidence in the numbers. Good luck!
22 years 11 months ago #94335 by clarkslucky13
Replied by clarkslucky13 on topic RE: Troublesome Treasuer
I need to update. I have talked to her and was not offered an apology but the attitude that everything is fine and no big deal. The Vice Pres. has been wonderful to me right now and continues to support my suggestion. April is nominations and many of the school's staff are commiting to show their support not only for me but to remove her (Treas.) as she has been very disruptive when she has needed anything. My husband thinks I should stop "playing well with others" and start "running with sissors!)
22 years 11 months ago #94334 by dkmac
Replied by dkmac on topic RE: Troublesome Treasuer

Hang in there and don't let your treasurer get you down. If it's not your strong point, then why is she bothering you about the books? She should be discussing this with the president. The next time she brings up the books and HER problem, don't respond. You have already given her a very good suggestion, and she discounted it. If you can, try to talk with her alone and keep your cool and a professional attitude. Tell her that you were very uncomfortable with her yelling at you and ask if she had a bad day. Maybe she'll realize how rude she was and will apologize.
You did nothing wrong! Good luck, it sounds like her mode of operation is to yell and attack.
22 years 11 months ago #94333 by Candall
Replied by Candall on topic RE: Troublesome Treasuer
I cannot believe she yelled at you and noone in the meeting saw fit to mention this? That the president did not ask this person to be professional? Hang in there, and one could hope that that kind of person could "get over it!"
23 years 2 weeks ago #94332 by clarkslucky13
Troublesome Treasuer was created by clarkslucky13
Our team had our board meeting last Thursday and at that meeting our Treasure brought up AGAIN the fact that she is having a hard time with the books. I am the Secretary and stated a LONG time ago that is not my strong point and suggested she call the former Tres. "NO" is the response. Well, at this meeting in front of a guest she brought the books up again and I gave her my suggestion and was told to mind my own business as my opinion means nothing. Did I mention she was yelling this at me? Our Pres. said nothing and our guest was so uncomfortable. I talked to the Vice Pres. a day later and she felt terrible. SO...I think I'm be okay Monday night but just in case..... Our books were audited last year before she took over as the school district has a policy that our books are with the school, she says the school is off 30 bucks and the school says where? The audit showed our books to be in order in July so I would like to know what she has done since August. The next audit is this summer. Meantime do I just bite my tonge, (I'm worried she'll say something)? Right now the Eagles have a song 'Get Over It!'it keeps me going! Thanks
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