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Disbursing Funds

23 years 1 day ago #94390 by participant
Replied by participant on topic RE: Disbursing Funds
Very true!
23 years 2 days ago #94389 by Connie
Replied by Connie on topic RE: Disbursing Funds
At the end of the year we ask for teacher requests. One year the principal requested that we buy a new snow blower for the custodian. I questioned why the district didn't provide it. It came out that there was a blower provided but they wanted a smaller one. I have felt bad this winter (it has been snowy!) every time I see the custodian with that huge snowblower but I think if we don't draw the line somewhere districts are going to keep pulling money from the school budgets so parents can provide everything.
23 years 3 days ago #94388 by clarkslucky13
Replied by clarkslucky13 on topic RE: Disbursing Funds
Wow!! That could get ugly! Our PTO did have a bookfair at Barnes and Noble with the profit going to our new library, even that got ugly!

moneyperson- I would give the coach a list of fundraiser ideas and send her on her way! I had a teacher that wanted the PTO to raise funds for a student going to Hawaii for some state competion and I handed her all the fundraising ideas that were voted against at a meeting. No, she wasn't very happy with me but she saw me only as a connection to the PTO. The funny end to this, in the Spring her contract was not renewed and she asked ME to speak to the School Board on her behalf to get her job back as she concidered me a friend and an involved parent. That was the second time and last time she ever spoke to me.
23 years 4 days ago #94387 by participant
Replied by participant on topic RE: Disbursing Funds
moneyperson: Wow I can't believe the nerve of the cheerleading coach...all the schools I know of the sports teams have their own fundraisers to purchase these items! One thing our PTO is really adamant about is that large sums of money are never used to benefit a select few...if it does not benefit every student then we can not do it. We do however donate small sums to specific groups like the cub scouts usually under $100 if they come to a meeting and tell the members what they need the money for. It sounds to me as if your coach is to lazy to organize her own fundraiser and that is too bad for her:)
23 years 4 days ago #94386 by participant
Replied by participant on topic RE: Disbursing Funds
We are having the same problem at our school; we have all the teachers thinking PTO will pay for anything. The cheerleading coach came up to me and said she wanted PTO to purchase new uniforms or the cheerleaders ($3,000.00) and also to buy uniforms for the boys ($300.00), and material for a mascot ($200.00) she was outraged when I told her we didn't have money to purchase all this stuff, so she dropped the girl uniforms and just wanted the boys and the mascot, we still don't have money for this I tried to explain but I did mention to her that the cheerleaders could have a nacho sale or bake sale to come up with the money. She replied "Well why can't PTO sell and get the money." she was so upset. Throughout the week she told all the teachers how PTO refused her request. I simply told her to try to come up with the money themselves if the PTO would see her making and effort yes maybe we could help her sell something or do something. But with an attitude like this forget about it. I am “Volunteering my time” to help these people out. I would like to see PTO helping the teachers get supplies and have items purchased for them but teachers have to do their part (they can at least attend the fundraising assemblies so that the children can participate). If PTO is going to be the place where teachers bring their receipts for reimbursements instead of PTO we should change the name of the organization to Teacher fund and forget about doing anything but raising money for the teachers.
23 years 5 days ago #94385 by clarkslucky13
Replied by clarkslucky13 on topic RE: Disbursing Funds
Crystal, you've hit it right on the nose. Our teachers came to a list of needs last year, a list was made (we showed it to the school too and what they couldn't provide we made a list of) and presented and voted on by the members. Yes there were some upset teachers that didn't recieve items they REALLY wanted but they were also ask to under stand we only had a 250 dollar budget (Very small organization). You will never please everyone. Good luck!
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