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changing things

22 years 10 months ago #94404 by Nancy
Replied by Nancy on topic RE: changing things
Change can be very frightening to some people. You will always get resistance from people who are afraid of change. Doing something differently doesn't necessarily mean that it is bad. Also, you have to try things first to find out-then you can judge whether or not they work better or worse. But if you never try anything new, how can you know? Saying "thats the way it has always been done" without looking at WHY its been done that way can keep your organization in quite a rut. See if you can at least get this message across and let people know that you will be doing things differently sometimes to figure out if what worked in the past still works the best or not. Keep going! You are the best thing that your PTO has going for it right now-whether they know it or not!
23 years 4 days ago #94403 by Trying my best
Replied by Trying my best on topic RE: changing things
3 Ideas:
(1) Could you find a mutually agreeable "litmus test" for new ideas and/or methods? Something like "What will be best for our students?"
(2) Pick your battles. Staples vs. rubber bands is not worth a battle. Gaining acceptance of improved technology or in-class parents volunteers is "battle material".
(3) Identify a few things where you can start with an "old way" and then work together toward an improving solution that contains newer twists. (eg. Could the Copier-is-mine-secretary perhaps be responsible for training/certifying parent volunteers to operate the machine? Remember, teachers won't confront PTO when the test they need next period isn't copied because the machine is broken.)

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23 years 1 week ago #94402 by dremal
Replied by dremal on topic RE: changing things
JS keep up the good work. I know its hard. I have a secretary at the elementary school that I am the PTC president of and we send home several flyers a month. When we what them to go home it is such a major project because she will not let anyone else use her copy machine. So we have to make sure that we get our flyers there in plenty of time for her to copy them, then sort them out for the teachers and them for them to get home in time. It has been a major delima....Most people are afraid of change but it is usually a good thing. Don't worry
23 years 1 week ago #94401 by Trying my best
Replied by Trying my best on topic RE: changing things
Gifford I think you miss a few points here. I took it that she rubberbanded the tickets together thinking that it was ok. NOT knowing that they did not want them that way or not. You know when you get a new bunch of officers in there is bound to be alot of new ideas. I personally think that new ideas are great. Even if you fail.. you still tried something new. You will never know unless you try. JS don't give up. Hang in there and keep trying new stuff. If they don't want it done a certain way then try and compromise but the one thing that I have learned as PTO President is compromise works both ways. Good luck with you presidency
23 years 1 week ago #94400 by gifford
Replied by gifford on topic RE: changing things
It seems if you would have stapled them it would have been a big help and not a problem at all. I think you need to look at your motive. They had a valid reason for not wanting rubberbands and you discounted that with your reasoning that you've seen it work before. They have not seen it work and wanted staples, what is the big deal? Yes, much time was wasted, by you. If you watch, listen, and see why things are done the way the majority wants you may be happier. To be a dictator is easy with a group of people who have no choice. To be a dictator to a group of volunteers is useless. Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

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23 years 1 week ago #94399 by jswindell
changing things was created by jswindell
I am a new PTO president this year. I have come across several staff members, pto officers and members, and the principal that like things the way they are. I have tried to do new things and have come across numerous battles. For instance, I folded 10 carnival tickets together and wrapped them with a rubberband. But instead I was supposed to staple them. In the past students have eaten and shot other people with the rubberbands. At our old school we wrapped tickets with a rubberband and had no complaints. The principal had a couple of staff members unwrap the tickets and staple them. What a waste of time. I cannot do anything new without a million questions. Help. How do I present changes in a way to get support?
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