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Update on PTO Treasurer / Santa Shop Dilemma!

23 years 4 months ago #94421 by LORI
That's good to hear that you were finally able to "somewhat" resolve the problem. It is a shame tho that it appears to have left your funds on the short side. Good luck in your future endeavors!
23 years 5 months ago #94420 by sister5
Thanks to all who posted their opinions and suggestions. I wanted to give you an update as this saga has evolved interestingly! There were many good suggestions, and we had already persued most of them, so we just trusted our gut instincts the rest of the way. We met with our Principal and received 100% backing. He, too, thought there was something really "rotten in Denmark". We basically froze her out of all communications for long enough to where she eventually confessed out of the blue to having $510 to return. And, she also resigned. What helped us, I think, was that our Principal is a bit intimidating, even to this woman, and we also remained firm as to our convictions. She was told there were discrepancies and that the events profits looked really low compared to prior years. We still feel she stole ALOT more, and we figure the only reason she confessed to that certain amount may have been for legal reasons, but at least the problem was stopped. Who knows, maybe she even read about it here?
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