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Control of Money

22 years 11 months ago #94451 by
Control of Money was created by
Once the PTO/PTA raises the money, who has control of how it should get spent?
Right now, it seems that at every board meeting, we spend the entire time discussing which requests for money should be paid and which should be denied...we never have any time to discuss the actual events that we are putting on that raise the funds. No new ideas are able to be shared or new events introduced since the issue at every meeting is money, money, money. (We've been doing the same fundraiser for 10 years, the same family events for 2-3 years now with NO new ideas added...they are getting pretty stale.) In another school, the PRINCIPAL told the board what her budgeted requests were for the next year and requested payment from the board accordingly. SHE had the power(along with her staff of teachers) to decide where the money would be spent in the best manner. In our case, WE(the board) are exercising power over the principal and her staff on which items WE deem important enough to write a check for. How can the board possibly know which requests are more important than others...WE do not have the daily contact with these teachers in their classrooms...the principal does. HELP! Our process seems so wrong !
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