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Help for the new and old.

22 years 11 months ago #94513 by aac
Help for the new and old. was created by aac
Anthony A. Corriero ,President 00/01
Briggs Elementary School APT
"We, the APT, as advocates for the children, fund educational programs."
The Briggs APT is a non-profit,volunteer-run, and funded 501(c)3
South Carolina tax exemption certificate # xxxxxxxxx
EIN # -xxxxxxxx

PTO today showed up in my mailbox back in September. I have read
issue cover to cover. What a GREAT RESOURCE. I have been dying to get
in on the conversation, and now have time to write.

Getting parents to show at evening meetings: Talent elements (music,
drama) weave in with business has proven very effective. Second extend
that to guest speakers and guest cultural talent. Children related
issues, adoption. You local college choirs or dance troop, they love
the audience. Get donated tickets to sporting and cultural events, even
forcing the drawing winners to go "out of town". They will remember the
occasion. This helps reinforce the value of related arts education.

What do you do when you take over and things are a mess? Your
organization was someone's personal sandbox, or springboard to higher
office and exposure. No "Make a difference days" with the newspaper
shooting photos. No self gain or promotion.
I am sorry it is not a quilting circle, with lots of soft things. Run
it like a business or better yet it's your own money your watching over.

You got to have a vision and become something. What we have
We crafted the simple mission statement above. We do not support the
purchase of curtains, feeding the teachers weekly, monthly, buying
coffee pots for the lounge, capital goods that are the school
district/taxpayers responsibility, i.e.. computers, playground,
However we do fund a catered sit down dinner for all the schools
employees to show appreaction. We purchased 50% of a digital piano for
the school. We had two acoustic versions that were in disrepair, this
also served as a reward for the music teachers great work and leadership
in implementing technology. That's correct the music teacher.
We stock the media center. We fund specific reading shortages, early
readers, difficult selections for the advanced. We administer the
reading volunteers program. We reinstated a YearBook, provide the
children with guidance and subsidize half the price. School spirit and
bonding trips and events. Plus a lot more.

Improper behavior: Wasted money, missing items, business with
friends and relatives. Eliminate it! If they want to donate something,
FINE! No money transaction with people directly or extended within the
school. Strengthen Your BY-LAWS. Meetings, record retention,
everything must be at the school! It the first step of involvement.
We did that before becoming a 501, which has that as a requirement. If
everything is at the school then when the new people come in there is no
waiting six months for records or anything to be handed down. I could
tell you about the offers to hold meeting at coffee shops.

Fundraising: We are limited to one by district policy. Thank God!
ONE and do it WELL, 90 % of our budget. Use statistics to set goals,
analyze your old fundraisers. Know and use the data. Set up smaller tie
in events, i.e.. a percentage of admissions at skate night.
Spend your time on everything else but fundraising.

Remember these organizations are Parents and Teachers in SUPPORT of the KIDS Education.

Anthony A. Corriero
President 00/01
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