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disputing new elections

22 years 11 months ago #94526 by chrystal
Replied by chrystal on topic RE: disputing new elections
First of all what does your by-laws say regarding elections? Our clearly state the nominations for officers will be held at our April membership meeting...with elections at the May meeting. We also send out a notice to all who are eligible before our March meeting. After the nominations we are required to send home a note to all that are eligible to vote (have paid dues & attended at least one meeting prior) to let them know who is running for what position and the date and time of the election....I whould have to say that your so called election is totally invalid and would have to been done over....You wouldn't happen to live in Florida would you...sorry I couldn't resist!! Good luck:)
22 years 11 months ago #94525 by mitemom
disputing new elections was created by mitemom
I am the presiding PTO secretary of our school. Just last week there was an election held for new officers and no one was aware of it including me. I had been told that we would be taking nominations for officers that evening but not that we would actually be voting. The minutes of our meeting held in March 1999 (I was secretary at the time)clearly show that the President announced that we would be having elections at our next meeting. The Principal of our school has called the elections null and void because many teachers and parents weren't in attendance but later informed our Principal that if they had known they would have come. There is so much going now that I don't have time to write. My question is can a new election be called for by me or any member of the PTO because of the lack of information. I should also add that the President was overheard the day of elections planning the nomination of herself and another parent.
I would appreciate any help given.

P.S. 3-23-01
I have just been informed by the President that we do not have any by-laws in place. Since I am considered a fairly new board member I had never had any reason to request a copy of the by-laws. I am in the process of trying to get in touch with the founding Principal and board members. I hope to have more information during spring break. I can't believe that anyone would establish an organization and not have some sort of safeguards in place,but stranger things have happened.

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