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How do others vote

22 years 10 months ago #94543 by mykidsmom
Replied by mykidsmom on topic RE: How do others vote
We nominate in April and vote in May. This year we were advised to have a election committee formed of 2 parents and 2 staff members to count the ballots (lots of past problems!)also we have all the nominated officers on one ballot with room for a write-in canidate. Past elections we did one ballot for each office and not only had LONG nights on election night but last year was a huge issue with the fast 100 votes were counted for the office of pres but by the time we got to secretary there were only 45 votes to count! The school board stepped in and we amended oour by-laws to include the above. And yes, even if there is only one canidate their must be a vote with space for a write-in (the mom that was too shy to nominate herself but has a lot a friends that might be able to vote her in!) We also have a term length of two terms but you have to be voted in for both terms. Also don't forget the little red book-Roberts Rules! Next year the first order of business- come here and find some by-laws then build some for the elections! Hope this helps!
22 years 10 months ago #94542 by LINK
Replied by LINK on topic RE: How do others vote
We hold a ballot election each June. Nominations are made at the May meeting (we also generally have only one name per office, but that's usually due to our small membership and the many jobs that need to be done) Also, our VP doesn't automatically become Pres. We found this could intimidate a candidate for VP if all they wanted to do was to support the Pres and not run the meetings eventually. We do not have a term length but usually burn out occurs after 3 terms and that person will step down. We also vote for a volunteer coordinator and parent representatives to our School Council and Curriculum Council. Good Luck!
22 years 10 months ago #94541 by momofalltrades
How do others vote was created by momofalltrades
We have never voted (by ballot) before. Always in the past the current Vice Pres.(becomes Pres. the following year) and is in charge of the nominating committee, he/she and some others just gather names for board members the following year. Once the slate is complete we have always takes a yes/no vote on the entire slate instead of on each. We also have never had more that one person request to fill the same position. Someone asked that we vote by ballot. Can this be done if there is only one person up for a position? I would like feed back from you on how this is normally done and if a no vote is taken what happens to that position if no one else steps up? We have nothing in our bi-laws that states how we vote?!?! HELP!!! Thank you
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