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Why is it this way?

22 years 10 months ago #94568 by clarkslucky13
Replied by clarkslucky13 on topic RE: Why is it this way?
This year I am the Secretary which means I do the newsletter, adjenda, ALL those thank you notes (150 this year alone!)and put up with alot of &^%$# from the Treasurer because she is just a figure head. As an active volunteer with the school on other things, I am well liked and appreciated by the staff and actually can say I know everyone. The Treasurer is rude, a terrible gossip, and the office staff HATE when she comes in to balance our books. I have been asked when will her term end so I (the parent/staff) can be active again! I have even told parents/staff "Hey I miss you? What's going on in your life?" I have even e-mailed friends reminders about meetings. Alot of work, yes, but I care and really love being involved for the sake of being involved. No other reasons. I've even done small posters for the teachers lounge (got permission first) reminding them of events, meetings, elections. I really do have a life :) with four kids! People forget or don't realize that if you take 15 minutes to make a couple phone calls or even share a talent one hour at a time can make such am impact on their child. I've seen working parents bring in messed up engineer drawings to classrooms and the kids think they are awsome!

We are working on a Spring Potluck, the Treasurer is throwing a fit because of the work. Last year I made 3 calls, a few posters and flyers and 150 families had a wonderful time.

I'm sorry this is so long, my point is this whole volunteer thing is what you want to make of it. There are parents that want to help but need or want to be directed with a list and a contact person. Parents I have spoken to LOVE to help but feel they need to be in classroom or attend every meeting. I have asked if you leave me your number or e-mail can I contact you. OH, YES that would be great! 99% of their responce. THere will always be the die hards, and there will be the ones that need a carrot. And there will ALWAYS be the ones, no matter how hard you kick, your foot will need more work than their help is worth. I hope this makes
sense and gave you some ideas.
22 years 10 months ago #94567 by MO2
Replied by MO2 on topic RE: Why is it this way?
I would try to look at the positive. If you have a PTA/PTO newsletter and/or web site, give recongnition to all those who work so hard. Also at your meetings give recongnition and appreciation to all those who do so much. Since April is National Volunteer Week, acknowledge the great volunteers. Hopefully those nay sayers will jump on board if they see the positive reinforcement shown. If not, the ones who are praised will feel better about all they do. I also try to remember that the main focus is benefitting the kids. That is what matters most.
22 years 10 months ago #94566 by hillsmomof3
Replied by hillsmomof3 on topic RE: Why is it this way?
Good Luck! Do you have specific job descriptions for each committee? If not someone should spend time writing them down. Also if each committee keeps a yearly outline of what they have done, it is an easy referral guide. But the bottom line is, not everyone can/will work to what one might feel is the highest level. Your best bet is to do your best and feel good about yourself. They may be in it for name only but those who are the workers are in it to better the education of all children. Sometimes its hard to motivate yourself when you see others taking credit for little or no work done. As a PTO President I try hard to hand out praise to those work tirelessly behind the scenes! Your children will benefit from what yu do!
22 years 10 months ago #94565 by PTAmommy
Why is it this way? was created by PTAmommy
Why is it that you have a certain few that work hard for the PTA and then you have others (even officers) that sit back and do absolutely nothing. When ask they have all the excuses that they can think of. Why do members run for officer positions if they are not planning on putting them time and effort into it? I've hung in there but there is alot of times that I almost can't keep my mouth shut because they do nothing for the PTO but in name only. HELP! How do we get this changed. Any suggestions would be helpful.
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