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board member questions everything!!

22 years 9 months ago #94661 by mykidsmom
Our tresurer was the same way. I'm serving my last term as secretary and every time I presented her with a reciept, bill, or deposit slip she would act as if I just spent THE last dime the club had! As chair of our Appreciation Week I have $300 to spend and because of her whinning our committee has spent maybe $175 on food for the BBQ we are hosting. She is not returning next year (I think she has pulled her son outta the school) and I'm running for President (I find out next week!) She has even put such a bad taste in the mouth of the school's office staff!
Anyway, I am looking forward to my Presidency (always the optimist- married to the president of the international club, no joke) and hope I can mend some bridges. I've been warned about the ones sitting in the crowd but the main person I has to worry about is the current President that I am running up against.
Best of luck to you.
22 years 9 months ago #94660 by MightyJo
Replied by MightyJo on topic RE: board member questions everything!!
If you really want to try the presidency by yourself, then you probably should. Some fear is probably a good helps keep you grounded & realistic (at least that's what I tell myself because I'm also going to be pres. next yr & definitely share the fear).

As far as your co-pres, is there a way to keep her involved in another way? Another position on the exec board, Chair for an event,...? It would be nice to utilize her ideas if you could figure out a way to tone her down a little.

Good luck with your decsion!

22 years 9 months ago #94659 by adampto
board member questions everything!! was created by adampto
I have been the secretary in our small school for 4 yrs. This year I am co-president. It has not been a wonderful year. My co president doesn't care for me. She does not want to come back again. She questioned everything we did in our PTO from top to bottom. Yes, we are offended. Some change is good, but change EVERYTHING in one year because of a new member?
We wanted her back, she was full of wonderful ideas but very very opinionated. I want to do it (the presidency) myself next year but am scared to death. Try it or not??
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