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PTO appreciation week

22 years 1 month ago #95956 by SFilak
Replied by SFilak on topic RE: PTO appreciation week
I don't think there is a specific week for PTA/PTO but Volunteer Appreciation Week is April 22-29 this year. I found a website that lists all(and I mean ALL) holidays and celebrations.

There are some pretty crazy "holidays", whats up with National IBM Computer Day?

22 years 1 month ago #95955 by Chrystal70
Replied by Chrystal70 on topic RE: PTO appreciation week
I'm curious about this one myself...I have never heard of this recognizition week.
22 years 1 month ago #95954 by 52318pto
PTO appreciation week was created by 52318pto
Does anyone know when PTO/PTA appreciation week is? I think it is in April, but I'm not sure. I am in the unique position of being a member of the PTO plus being on staff at my children's school. The staff is looking to do something special for our hard working parents!! Does anyone have any ideas or would you share what's been done for you. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
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