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Teacher Stipend

8 years 6 months ago #168407 by preciouslian
Good Afternoon Ladies !

I was wondering what is the guidelines for a teacher use there stipend. I know my pto want to help the teacher but also the students. If anybody have a list of stuff can and can't the pto will reimbursed them for. I will apreciated if you guys help!
21 years 7 months ago #96621 by ptsoparent
Replied by ptsoparent on topic RE: Teacher Stipend
I completely agree..I haven't been able to stop thinking about this one all day...I am glad to see the overwhelming opinion of the posters here...this is a sad state...I too will no longer complain about our teachers for not showing up regularly to the meetings...I also believe that if I had to pay out the $500.00 to a teacher to volunteer...I would sure let parents know about it...our group would never approve such a thing! Please let us know what happens!!! :rolleyes:
21 years 7 months ago #96620 by lacrosse mom
Replied by lacrosse mom on topic RE: Teacher Stipend
I am so shocked by the idea of paying someone to volunteer I can hardly type! Who asked you to pay the teacher? Was it your principal, teacher's union? Our teacher's get paid by the school for extra duty, but this is beyond the pale. If this is necessary, I would certainly publicize it to your parents. You poor thing. I will never complain about our teachers again!
21 years 7 months ago #96619 by mesa
Replied by mesa on topic RE: Teacher Stipend
Oh my, I thought I'd almost heard it all until this one.
It is a Parent-Teacher Organization!!!
Not a Parent Paid Teacher Organization!!
Please, just get back to basics.

21 years 7 months ago #96618 by TheMetzyMom
Replied by TheMetzyMom on topic RE: Teacher Stipend
I'm going to look it up just to be sure... but Tim may be right. Either way, I think it is, at the very least, morally and ethically wrong to pay the teacher to attend. I would hope that you had at least one teacher who would be willing to do it "for the kids". The "Show Me The Money" attitude bites if you ask me...

Has this been done every year? Is it in the budget already? Did your membership vote on this? Or is someone taking a shot at you, a new prez?

Out of curiosity, what does the principal say? Surely the principal is not willing to give up money that could be used in the school for books or whatever? Books or Bribe... Tough call... NOT!!! lol...

Good Luck!
21 years 7 months ago #96617 by Publisher
Replied by Publisher on topic RE: Teacher Stipend
Not a lawyer, but....

I think the rule MetzyMom is referring to applies only to the *leaders* of the group or something like that -- not to folks who might provide service to the group.

It's not against the rules for a 501(c)(3) to have employees or pay someone for services. Think about it -- lots of folks get our money, else we wouldn't fundraise.

So while I agree that this is a sad state of affairs and I don't find it advisable, I don't think it would be against the law. Perhaps the thought of the PTO paying employment taxes and filing IRS paperwork (which I think would be required) will be enough to kaibosh that idea.

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