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First Meeting Ice Breakers

6 years 7 months ago #172020 by Anonymous
Replied by Anonymous on topic RE: First Meeting Ice Breakers
Did you get the sheet? I would love to use this!!!
21 years 7 months ago #96870 by momofangels
Replied by momofangels on topic RE: First Meeting Ice Breakers
Could you send me a copy of your sheet of questions? I am wanting to do the same sort of activity, but I am at a loss as to what questions to use. Thanks for your help! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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21 years 7 months ago #96869 by LUVMYKIDS
We joined with another school this year and began joint meetings last spring. There were some bad attitudes among some of the parents and in an effort to show people how much they have in common, we did a team building exercise at the beginning of a meeting. You take a sheet of paper and divide it into 10 squares. In each square write a statement(I have a kindergartner, I have eaten a Happy Meal just to get a toy). Use statements that are serious and some that are just for fun. Hand each person a sheet and have them put their initials in every square that applies to them then give them 10 minutes to go around the room and find people who can fill the empty squares. It gave parents a chance to chat and meet some new people and it got everyone in a great mood. I'm planning on trying it again this year.

Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.
21 years 7 months ago #96868 by KellyK
Replied by KellyK on topic RE: First Meeting Ice Breakers
Thanks for the idea. I also remembered a great one that is fast-paced and fun. Have a list of things/people to look for: someone with long hair, someone who drives a minivan, someone who has a kindergartner, etc. Whoever completes it first or gets the most names in 10 minutes, wins. It forces everyone to talk to each other and learn each other's names.
21 years 7 months ago #96867 by Dinee
Here's a fun game - and if you do not have a particular board position for one listed - just pass on by. If you can't find a particular candy - well just get a great subsititure.

The Leadership - Candy Game

Purchase the candy in advance then lay it out on the table to prepare for the game. Explain that the goal of the game is to pick the candy most appropriate for your new role on the PTA board this new year.

Start with the president - let her come up and review the candy selection - have her pick one up that most describes her role - ask her why she thinks this candy is most appropriate for the job position. Thank her and ask her to take the candy back to her seat and place it in front of her for the duration of the game.

Next, the VP - come up, pick out candy, same question and get reply.
etc. etc.

After the candy has been collected, then go back over the roles, and let them know which candy you had chosen for that position. Have them then collect the one that was supposed to be for them - congratulate them if they chose the one you intended and if the didn’t, explain why you thought your choice was the intended one.

President - SYMPHONY (leader of the group)
1st vp membership - M & M (motivate members)
2nd vp programs - SKOR (could use milky ways) hoping that you score with all of your programs
3rd vp budget & finance - PAYDAY (so that your fund raisers pay off)
4th vp communications - RED HOTS or HOT TAMALES ( so that your news is hot of the press)
secretary - MOUNDS (for the mounds of paper work that they must keep up with)
treasurer - CRUNCH ( for all of the number crunching you will be doing)
parliamentarian - Twix ( for when you are twixed and tween)
historian - NOW & LATERS ( so that you can take lots of pictures for now to remember later)
Adm. Liaison - MR GOODBAR (so that your support and communications with the admin. is good)
legislative - REESES PIECES (for all of the pieces for legislation that you will need to share)
volunteers - KISSES (remember to give all of the volunteers the hugs and kisses they need for a job well done)
youth protection - LIFE SAVERS (for all of the information that you will pass along to parents that could help save the life of a child)
arts in education - STARBURS (for all of the stars that will be shinning with artwork)
creative problem solving - SNICKERS (LAFFY TAFFY - if available) because you may need to snicker/laugh at some of the solutions they come up with
delegates coordinator - BB BITES (for all of the bits and pieces of information they will need to take back to their local unit)
Environmental & science - NERDS (for all of the unique people in that field)
hospitality - GOOD AND PLENTY (for all of the good and plenty snacks that you have at your meetings)
21 years 7 months ago #96866 by KellyK
First Meeting Ice Breakers was created by KellyK
Does anyone have suggestions for cute, short ice breakers for our first meeting? I want something short that won't interfere with business, but will help everyone get to know each other and make the newcomers feel welcome.
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