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resignation letter--HELP

21 years 5 months ago #97222 by <lostheart4this>
Replied by <lostheart4this> on topic RE: resignation letter--HELP
First check your bylaws about resignation. Ours shows we can't resign until the new officer comes in. Secondly, resignations are always hard. I would simply put it as " I am resigning my position effective immediately due to personal conflicts". "Personal Conflicts" can be PTO or actual personal reasons and as with any paid job, no one needs to know what your prsonal conflicts are. :D
21 years 5 months ago #97221 by <lostheart4this>
resignation letter--HELP was created by <lostheart4this>
I am a temporary pres of a pto and need help in writing a resignation letter. I want to resign for many reasons- the main being that of financial and legal concerns. I have just found out that the PTO is not registered with the state and the name has been changed by the IRS 'accidentally', but we were told that even though it was done accidentally they will leave it as is. (that can't be legal) The PTO has had a couple of fundraisers and plan on having one more before anything is filed. The officer in charge of the filings told me before we even had any fundraisers that everything was taken care of, he is also in charge of insurance and believes we need no officer's liability coverage. I want to make sure that I am not held liable for any of this, I have voiced my concerns to the board and was told to mind my own business as someone else is in charge of those issues. We are having elections next month because we are temporary, I actually got the ball rolling and got people together to form the PTO, they had nothing in place beforehand, the PTA disbanded in 2000. And now since working with these people, I find that I have lost heart and I just want out. I don't have a say in anything they do and when I give my opinion I am overruled by the board. Do any of you have any words of wisdom or a sample resignation letter? :eek:
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