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How much $ does your PTO have?`

21 years 5 months ago #97246 by fade
How much $ does your PTO have?` was created by fade
This is a question for all the organized and well managed PTO's. Does your PTO have any sort of savings, "emergency funds", or long term goal funds set aside? If so how much?

We had a very rare opportunity to gain money 2 years ago. Both through fundraising for a playground, donation of a companies stock when they went out of business and through a child's memorial fund. Our playground was built but the ground cover was not done because we only had a quarter or what was needed to complete this portion of the project. It was thought that we could use this remaining money as an emergency fund and continue to add to it so in the event the emergency money was never used, we could someday purchase the ground cover, however a few people are complaining. Just wanted some input.
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