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PTO Membership Incentives

22 years 5 months ago #106673 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic RE: PTO Membership Incentives
Our membership fee is a token $3 per family, intended to be more of an expression of commitment and buy-in, rather than a funding source.

As far as incentives, we have a membership drive at the beginning of the year with the class in each grade with the most PTO families winning a snowcone party. Members also get a complimentary copy of the school directory when it is published in the Fall. Others can buy it for $3.
22 years 5 months ago #106672 by julier
Replied by julier on topic RE: PTO Membership Incentives
We don't charge a fee to join our PTO. Every parent who has a child in either elementary school in our town is automatically a member.
22 years 5 months ago #106671 by GeoffsMom
PTO Membership Incentives was created by GeoffsMom

We're looking for some PTO Membership Incentive ideas. Our membership fees are $20.00 per family. What benefits do you offer to your members? Our PTO family membership is low. We seem to get less than half of the families at the school to join. We therefore hold several events and fundraisers during the year to raise enough money for all the activities, enrichment programs, field trips, scholarships and wish-list items that benefit the students and school.

If we lower our membership fee we still would need to hold the same events and maybe even MORE! All suggestions welcomed. Thanks!!!
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