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18 years 7 months ago #113735 by nikkie809
Replied by nikkie809 on topic RE: Tailgating
Our school is K-8 but I want to increase school attendance at our games. Most games are away from the school but the tailgating would be at our school prior to having to go to the game. I wanted something easy to prepare. The games don't start until December so it would be cold outside. I don't know what else to do. Maybe I could have some drawings etc. as well.
18 years 7 months ago #113734 by my3strongtikes
Replied by my3strongtikes on topic RE: Tailgating
Well being from BUFFALO

Our tailgating necessity would be CHICKEN WINGS!!! :cool:

Is this for a High school Game or what do you do this for?


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18 years 7 months ago #113733 by nikkie809
Tailgating was created by nikkie809
Interested in ideas for tailgating. We have several basketball teams that I would like to have family days at one game each per team. I would like to start off with a tailgate at the school before going to the game. Any ideas on things we could do. I thought hot chocolate, hot apple cider, grilling hot dogs.. but if it's snowing... any ideas for snacks. What have any of you done in the past?
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