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Parent group names

18 years 2 weeks ago #115409 by <Tonya>
Replied by <Tonya> on topic RE: Parent group names
We are the Leslie C.I.A. (communtiy in action)
we just got new t-shirts with a badge and a cool bulldog (our mascot) with sunglasses on. We have had lots of fun with the name :D
18 years 2 weeks ago #115408 by dlf
Replied by dlf on topic RE: Parent group names
Hey there--we are simply a PTO but our mascot is the Bobcat and we use the slogan "We're leavin' our prints all over the place" to show the impact we're having. It's a fun theme and our newsletter is the "Bobcat Prints" and our children's insert is the "Little Prints". It's been a fun theme and next year as families join there will be a paw print for them to hang on a path...kind of gitchy but the kids love it....d
18 years 2 weeks ago #115407 by volunteer2
Replied by volunteer2 on topic RE: Parent group names
Our Parent group is called PAWS, Parents Active With Southview. We are the only elementary school out of 5 in our district with this unique name. Our district mascot is the bulldog! Last year the district went to K-5 buildings and the new princpal had PAWS (Parents At Westview School) at the school she came from and wanted something similar.

Our theme last year was based upon Family.
18 years 2 weeks ago #115406 by thedaltons5
Parent group names was created by thedaltons5
Was wondering if any of you would be willing to sahre a few of your parent group names/slogans.................
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