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First time officer

17 years 1 week ago #133689 by me_n_rory
Replied by me_n_rory on topic RE: First time officer
Shirley and Lisa,
Welcome and congratulations! I just completed my first year as a PTO Chairperson. (all of us on our board were brand new and knew NOTHING)
dlf is right on about this website, it is so helpful, any questions, concerns or help you need can be found here. There is an abundence of knowledge and experience here.
And following on WFS comments, she is also right on...never forget its for the kids period! There can be so much drama but we need to rise above it.
One of the best lessons I learned here is by-laws by-laws by-laws. If your group doesn't have them...get them! And if they do...follow them!
It is a great experience, it has been exhausting but one of the most fufilling things I have done in a long time.
Enjoy the ride!
17 years 2 weeks ago #133653 by WFS
Replied by WFS on topic RE: First time officer
Above all listen to what the teachers & staff are saying. Listen to what the parents say and listen to the needs of the students (not necessarily in that order).
Don't react to a situation--take the time to think it over and consider all options.
ALWAYS keep the students as the priority and egos are checked at the door!
Follow your bylaws and make sure they have been updated & cover yourself. If you found this site, you will read stories that could have been avoided by updating the bylaws.
Have fun and enjoy the positive difference you make in your child's school and the new relationships you will embark on.

Congrats and good luck

Making a positive difference one project at a time <img src=images/smilies/smile.gif>
17 years 2 weeks ago #133649 by dlf
Replied by dlf on topic RE: First time officer
Hi Shirley and Lisa--you've hit upon one of your greatest assets--these boards. Take your time and cruise through them. You can also visit our website at and click on the newsletters...they list what we do routinely and are a recap of past and future activities...of course there are tons of other terrific PTOs out there with websites and their own newsletters. I routinely look at them for new ideas for our group.
Don't get overwhelmed by everything...if you pick a couple of things and start now you'll find your energy will be standard setting for the group. Good luck and let us know some specific questions so we can help!!!
17 years 2 weeks ago #133647 by prezlisa
Replied by prezlisa on topic RE: First time officer
hello and welcome to pto.Although I have helped at my childs school for years this is my first time on board as presdient also.There is soo much I want to do.What kind of ideas are you looking for? I would be glad to help if I can.
17 years 2 weeks ago #133643 by shirleyw
First time officer was created by shirleyw
Hi, My name is Shirley. I was just elected co-president of my PTO. I am new to the school area and to the whole concept of being an officer. I am looking for any suggestions or any ideas. Thanks.
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