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Thank you help

17 years 1 week ago #133755 by me_n_rory
Replied by me_n_rory on topic RE: Thank you help
Thanks WFS! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
17 years 1 week ago #133726 by WFS
Replied by WFS on topic RE: Thank you help
I can send you a copy of my letters---one to parents of all students in our school and one to our chairpersons with a special thank you.

Can you post an email?

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17 years 1 week ago #133691 by mommytlc
Replied by mommytlc on topic RE: Thank you help
I sent out our last PTO Newsletter until school starts back, and I mentioned to parents that if they plan on volunteering for the upcoming school year, then they need to fill out their clearances ASAP. I also let them know that without parental involvement, we can't function. I sent home a letter as well stating what the PTO is all about and what we pay for. The letter also listed the advantages of volunteering. Hopefully, this will draw in some new parents in the fall. I sure hope so. The same 3 Moms help at our school for the entire year, and we are exhausted!
17 years 1 week ago #133687 by me_n_rory
Thank you help was created by me_n_rory
So I am looking for a little help again! With all of the other drama going on *from my other post* and only one more week of school left we let forgot this.
We want to send out a general Thank you to our school families for their support this last year with a brand new PTO board. But we also want to nicely put in there that we will really be needing some more help and volunteering from the families next school year, because 3 moms doing it all will send us all to the looney bin! Any ideas? I'm typically the letter writer for our group, but honestly my brain is barely functioning right now!
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