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renaming Father Daughter Square Dance

16 years 8 months ago #138281 by teach3883
Replied by teach3883 on topic RE: renaming Father Daughter Square Dance
You could call it Me and my Guy. This way a brother, uncle, family friend, etc.. can come with the girl. Also you could find out how many want to come but don't have anyone and call your local fire/police dept. to volunteer their time. The girls who do not have a man figure in their lives actually really enjoy this. Hope this helps some.
16 years 9 months ago #136207 by Schroeder
How about calling it a Family Hoe Down? or a Sadie Hawkins Square Dance and leave it up to the child to decide who they ask to bring?
16 years 9 months ago #136190 by mum24kids
Why don't you just call it a Square Dance without specifying the type in the title? Then add a sentence onto the flyer that says: "Traditionally this is a Father/Daughter event, but other male adults, or even moms, are welcome if a dad is unavailable that night." That's what we do for our Girl Scout square dance, and it seems to work fine. But it was a well established Father/Daughter event before we changed it.
16 years 9 months ago #136188 by teach3883
renaming Father Daughter Square Dance was created by teach3883
Hi, everyone! The Father Daughter Square Dance (K-4) is a tradition at our all girls' school. This year, we have been ask to consider renaming the dance in favor of a title which is more inclusive to those children who may not have a dad (i.e. due to divorce, premature death, etc.). Any ideas?
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