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Parent Directories

15 years 9 months ago #144380 by anne0867
Replied by anne0867 on topic RE: Parent Directories

We did most of the planning when school ended in June, we have a few more "loose ends" to tie up before school starts in a few weeks.

You mentioned you are a new high school, with only 9th - 11th grades, by chance are you Meritt Acadamy?
15 years 9 months ago #144378 by HAIS
Replied by HAIS on topic RE: Parent Directories
For Anne 0867:

That was a wonderful idea. The idea of having your activities for the year inside means your group must be well organized. Did you plan in April or May for the new school year?
We're a high school, 3yrs old w/9th-11th grades now and we really could use some funds. I think we'll model off of you!
15 years 9 months ago #144369 by anne0867
Replied by anne0867 on topic RE: Parent Directories
We did these last year, and probably will do them again this year.

We made sure our form had an "opt in" section. Meaning, unless the form was returned, NO information would be published. The parents also had the choice of what information they wanted published.

Our directories went by classes. Some classes had a few studnets listed, while others had most of the class listed. Some parents only wanted thier names listed and no other info, some only wanted the parents name and child's name. Some put address', while others did not. Some listed email's and cell numbers, again, others did not.

We also sold business card size ads to local business' and to the parents in our school who owned thier own busieness or who had direct sell business.

The money we made from the ads covered the cost of the printing. 1 directory per family.

We also had calendars in the book. All of our school events were listed. We also had a disclaimer saying the event, day and/or time could be changed with out notice and to read the monthly newsletters.

I think this year, our committee heads will also be listed, not just the board members. This makes it easy for parents who would like to volunteer to contact the correct person. (we also have our list of volunteers that each committee head recieves)

15 years 9 months ago #144311 by dlf
Replied by dlf on topic RE: Parent Directories
How about an email list/roster? Maybe that will keep the amount of personal information (children's names and ages etc) down to nothing but still give parents a way to get in touch with one another.

15 years 9 months ago #144310 by gonesaleing
Replied by gonesaleing on topic RE: Parent Directories
Your principal is off base. As long as parents have an 'opt out' clause or can simply chose not to return the forms, there is no violation of any childs privacy. If I were you, I would take this issue higher... go to other schools in your district, see if they are allowed to continue creating directories. Bring that back to your principal. Go to the superintendent, see what he/she says. You have nothing to lose.
Directories are a fabulous tool, especially in the younger grades. It's a shame to discontinue them.
Good luck.
15 years 9 months ago #144262 by ahitchings3
Replied by ahitchings3 on topic RE: Parent Directories
I need some help! Our school PTO typically produces a directory that includes student names, parent names, address and phone numbers. This same directory also indicated which parents were the "Contact Parents" for the PTO. Contact Parents are used as a go-between between the teacher and parents for class parties and field trips. It also indicated who the Room Parents were. It was extremely convenient to use in sending out invitations, planning play dates, and for planning anything to do with a classroom specific events.
Today, the principal informed us that there will no longer be a directory as it violates the childrens' privacy. Even though the parents sign release forms, we cannot do it. In the past if the parent did not sign the form, we did not publish their information. This news is devastating to us. :(
Does anyone have any ideas as an alternative to the directory? Any suggestions would be appreciated!:)
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