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11 years 7 months ago #143831 by Letcherkt
As I read a lot of the articles there seems to be A LOT of big schools that are posting info... anyone know where to go for smaller schools???

We have a President, VP, Secretary & Treasurer.. and probably about 15 active consistent members.. so not much.. looking for others with the same struggles! :)

11 years 7 months ago #143832 by FoxMom
Replied by FoxMom on topic Small School Challenges
I'm not sure what size school you're looking for... but your active participation is about right for our school--
We do have a few more board members-- but you know, if we didn't those parents say they probably wouldn't help as much if they weren't on the board.
We're going to try and change that opinion this year and get more parents involved.
We'll see!
11 years 7 months ago #143837 by piperl
Replied by piperl on topic Small School Challenges
I feel your pain! We are a school of about 160-170 kids K-6th. In about a year and a half we will shrink even more when the district opens a new high school and all the elementary schools change to K-4th. We have a President, 2 VPs, treasurer, reporter and secretary. Our regular meeting attendance is around 10, but we usually have all our volunteer needs met (even if it's the day before the event!). As a new President this year I intend on focusing strongly on reaching out to our families more, and improving the view families take or our PTO.
11 years 7 months ago #143843 by Letcherkt
Replied by Letcherkt on topic Small School Challenges
I was curious if there is an area on PTO Today just for smaller schools? So, we could like band together and find/share useful posts for us little guys?
11 years 7 months ago #143846 by Weluvr3mz
Replied by Weluvr3mz on topic Small School Challenges
We too are a small school with 150ish in attendance and we are in serious need of assistance. With new members this year, our goal is positive, fun, upbeat and definately everything possible for our children. Can you advise us on how to boost the parent participation in any way, we are giving away incentives to the new "K" parents, but what do you do for those who are "burned out" from previous years? Please help us with this...
11 years 7 months ago #143848 by dlf
Replied by dlf on topic Small School Challenges
What kind of challenges do you face that you consider unique. I of course understand that you have a smaller parent base to pull from but suspect too that many of your events are of smaller scope as well. There are some great posts here on the "2 hour power" concept that you might find useful. Most parents are interested in helping if you make very specific requests that they can manage within their own lives. Sometimes it is easy (real easy) to scare folks off if they sense you are grabbing at them to jump on.
One of our tools that has been incredibly useful has been establishing an email list where we are able to reach out an touch the parents with useful information about PTO happenings. Things like schedules, upcoming events, project statuses and yes even help requirements. We keep the email upbeat and original and make folks feel like they are a part of the team even if they've never assisted physcially. In that way we've been able to get help when we need it and keep things fun.
Kindergarten parents are the right venue (and 1st grade I think as well). By 5th the parents are a bit "done" and not really looking to be too involved.

Hope those ideas help.

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