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Santa Shoppe Company ???

15 years 8 months ago #146209 by brendadewitt
I would be happy to send any of you an email with information about our sister company - Holiday Fair In School Holiday Store. Business was started in 1977 and has years of experience this category and are the only company that offers the tray/bin boxes. If you would like simply email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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15 years 8 months ago #145997 by anne0867
We have had a horrible time with "santa shoppe" companies. We have always run out of items, and are unable to get them restocked. they also over price everything. We end up going out and buying more stuff ourselves.

this year, we have a dollar store coming in, they will supply us daily (guarnteed) with anything we need. They will deliver the items as we need them, and pick up whatever is not sold. They are also bringing us table clothes. We will supply small white bags. We will have a large assortment of EVERTHING, pet items, baby, stuff for all members of the family.. and the best part, everything will be ONE DOLLAR! Ya, we won't be making any money off of this, but, considering we lost money last year, we don't care!
15 years 8 months ago #145924 by rlaneew

If you look at some of the items that different companies sell, most of them aren't really Christmas related so I think there would be a wide variety for people that don't celebrate Christmas!

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15 years 8 months ago #145823 by LovinDisney4
Try to have items for everyone, religious and non-religious especially if you are a public school. Most people who don't believe in certain holidays do not expect everyone to follow their beliefs, same goes the opposite way. Because I am religious, I do not expect everyone to believe the same as I do. Does that help?
15 years 8 months ago #145821 by crazy4kids
One of our members brought up doing this. Is there much controversy over the religous things? Got some families that don't believe in holidays or celebrate even birthdays. So we don't want to upset anyone.
15 years 8 months ago #145723 by rlaneew
We have always used a company. It use to be a local company we used but now we are looking into a company that isn't local. These companies are great. Everything is bought on consignment, sp? So you don't pay for the items until after your Santa Shop is over. There is no shipping charge to ship the items to you or back to them if you don't sell everything. If you start to run out you just let them know by 2 pm and they have the stuff to you next day delivery, no charge. Most give you promotional items to send home to parents. Some have registers that you can program with the prices in it. All in all I think it is a really nice carefree way to go! They charge you a set price and you then just charge what ever price you want on the item to make a profit. The prices from them range from
.25 to 12.00 and you don't have to order all price ranges, if you know your area wouldn't sell any 12.00 items you wouldn't have to order any of those.

&quot;Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.&quot;
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