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How many parents attend meetings?

15 years 6 months ago #146299 by New President
Replied by New President on topic RE: How many parents attend meetings?
We had a decent turn out for our meeting. More than last year which was 4. This year we had 20 people. The key was offering babysitting by a responsible adult. Our adult took the children to the gym and they had a blast. I offered door prizes. Made everyone feel welcome and remembered to thank everyone for their time. The key is to stick to the agenda. I told parents if we didnt cover everything it would be moved to the next meeting. zif it was something that couldnt wait the Principal and the President would offer resolution. Limit topics to 10 minutes. We also offered a topic of interest. This moth is Market Day samples..LOL. I hope this helps. Remember know one expects you to be perfect.
15 years 7 months ago #146295 by rlaneew
I am really excited about our new website. I can't believe nobody has pushed for one before...and really it wasn't even a push. I asked the principle and he said he thought it was a great idea. So we are going to get our own area on the school website and I really hope that will help the communication. We really need to get a more consistant newsletter out as well. Sometimes its weekly sometimes it bi weekly. While I don't think weekly is completely needed I do think that a consistant schedule is needed.

"Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."
15 years 7 months ago #146290 by PresidentJim
For a school of almost 500 students, normally we have over 30 at the first few meetings of the year. This goes down over the course of the year, but usually stays above 20.

When I first started 3 years ago we were getting like 10 to a meeting, but when I took over as President I focused on communication, and now with the new website, monthly, 2 page, color newsletter, e-mailing and school announcements, we have seen the noted increase.

15 years 7 months ago #146196 by kaylabeane
We have six steady parent members and two or three that come and go...
15 years 7 months ago #146190 by rlaneew
Your doing better than us! Our first meeting this year had 6 adults and that included 1 teacher and the But we had a fun Halloween door prize we gave away and the meeting was over in 20 minutes. BUT, we have and tons of volunteer forms for our up coming Fall Festival come back filled out so......!

"Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."
15 years 7 months ago #146186 by Ellen
I agree. I too believed that many attendees at the meetings were important. But after reading some info from PTO Today, I realized it's the involvement in the events/fundraisers that are the most important!

We have approx. 30 people in attendance at each monthly meeting. That's up from 3 yrs. ago!
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