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Who starts the by-laws when the board feels they are not needed?

15 years 4 months ago #147497 by pzettler
Remember...Every page of every document should be labeled draft until the bylaws are approved by the approving body (usually at two PTO meetings)

If you bring anything in that is not labelled draft, people might think it is approved. I suggest a line that has the words Approved: ______________________ (leave the blanks there and later replace it with a date.

Also, is you plan to form a 503 C3 then you should add two lines for officers signatures.

Then you have evidence that it is only a draft.

A cover sheet can state the process that will be used to draft and approve the bylaws. Sometime communicating the process can make people feel they had an opportunity for inclusion.

Remember, you don't want to dictate the process before it is approved. It starts as a draft.
15 years 4 months ago #147481 by PresidentJim
I too agree with diff. As President you have the right, and the responsibility, to bring up issues that you feel should be discussed. So putting the Bylaws on the agenda and discussing it with the entire PTO is a good thing. If the general consensus is that you need Bylaws (if you don't already have), or that they may need to be amended, then you should put it out there that you will be heading up a committee to look into amending/creating Bylaws, and then form a committee. If the other officers don't raise their hand to be part of the committee, then they can't complain. If they do then you get to have a committee meeting, discussing what you feels needs to be included or changed, and then work it out with your committee...

I would also recommend using Robert's Rules as a guide to get buy-in.

15 years 4 months ago #147472 by gjcoram

CrewChief;147449 wrote: Since your group has never had bylaws before, this process could take the remainder of the school year. That's fine, and also very nicely sets up next year's board.

This might help with the complaint by the current officers that they're getting assigned duties they hadn't originally signed up for. Eg, our by-laws were just revised to list the 3 forms that have to be filed for the IRS and state government, and no treasurer had ever done that before :(. So, if you can say: what *should* a treasurer be doing, and then let people know this before they get elected.
15 years 4 months ago #147469 by Mommy27
Thank you! It is nice to hear positive, and constructive feedback! This can feel like a lonely road sometimes. I don't know if I am up for it some days!
15 years 4 months ago #147450 by Mommy27
In addition to the above advice, you may want to raise the issue of utilizing the services of a parliamentarian to help draft/explain the by-laws since your group is so far "out of whack" that expert advise may be necessary to smooth the transition and eliminate objections. You can find a list of parliamentary resources on The Official Robert's Rules Of Order Web Site
15 years 4 months ago #147449 by CrewChief
I agree with dlf about the group effort. I believe you were right, as president, to initiate the process. From here, consider turning it over to a Bylaws Committee. Their duties should include (but not necessarily limited to):

1. Reviewing sample bylaws (there are plenty on the File Exchange here)
2. Becoming familiar with Roberts Rules of Order
3. Discussing views with the administration, staff and officers
4. Drafting a preliminary set of bylaws for review
5. Calling a special meeting of officers, principal and teacher reps to present the draft for review
6. Adjusting the draft based on feedback
7. Submitting the bylaws for a vote

Ideally, your Bylaws Committee will consist of three to five people, including one staff representative. The committee should be allowed to work independently with outside input being provided only when requested.

Since your group has never had bylaws before, this process could take the remainder of the school year. That's fine, and also very nicely sets up next year's board.

Until then, I would recommend you and your officers agree on a list of Policies and Procedures to get you through the rest of this year. While they aren't official bylaws, it does give everyone the same set of expectations.

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