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real plates vs. paper

14 years 10 months ago #150210 by jessicad
Replied by jessicad on topic RE: real plates vs. paper
I don't think it's a bad idea. I don't think everyone would do it but if you say something like "In an effort to be more Green please consider bringing re-usable table service from home." I think having small "washing" stations set up for people to use would be a nice idea that way you don't have to carry dirty plates back home with you.

I applaud your efforts!! Go GREEN!!
14 years 11 months ago #149922 by margshe
Replied by margshe on topic RE: real plates vs. paper
I love the idea of trying to encourage families to be more environmentally conscious. It certainly can't hurt to suggest families to bring their own from home. Not everyone will, but cutting back on the trash you are creating sounds like a positive to me. Hopefully the idea would catch on and spread.
Just my $.02.
15 years 1 day ago #149834 by Jollymon
Replied by Jollymon on topic RE: real plates vs. paper
I'm with Rockne. Although as much as you want to be green sometimes you have to pick your battles.
If there was a way to wash them onsite and either have them take them back home or donate them to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.
15 years 5 days ago #149816 by Rockne
Replied by Rockne on topic RE: real plates vs. paper
Yeah, I think it's kind of crazy.

Maybe a middle ground would be bringing several different trash buckets and encouraging separating and then recycling.

There's Green. And then there's: "seriously, I have to bring my plates from home to a picnic?"

Just my $0.02.


PTO Today Founder
15 years 5 days ago #149815 by mconnery
Replied by mconnery on topic RE: real plates vs. paper
I would probably do the same thing (bring paper and plastic), but maybe if you stressed the "green" part of it and specifically mention bringing real plates and silverware, people may actually do it.
15 years 6 days ago #149811 by mi3sons
Replied by mi3sons on topic RE: real plates vs. paper
I would end up bringing my own paper plates and plastic wear and tossing it before going home, but that's just me.
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