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Website to help with registering volunteers?

10 years 8 months ago #150341 by pto-techie
Replied by pto-techie on topic RE: Website to help with registering volunteers?
Google docs has a new form feature. If you set up a spreadsheet on google docs, you can make a form- real easy to use. free of charge.
10 years 8 months ago #150511 by margshe is really interesting, free, and easy to use
10 years 7 months ago #150983 by Angie
We have been using I like it. As the Secretary I run it and set it up for what event we need. and they do send you an email when you get a new person signing up for it. plus they send you daily updates. overall it is a good website for free.
10 years 6 months ago #151191 by zakia
We've just found , and I like it. They have a free bundle with limited features, which was enough for our needs.
It's very east to setup via drag and drop, but also let's do more advanced things like conditional questions and totals computations. They also haveemail notification onsign ups, and cool summary reports that can be downloaded to spreadsheets.
You need a paid package to get things like paypal integration, large number of sign ups, website integration, etc.
10 years 6 months ago #151253 by Marilynn Prchal
Replied by Marilynn Prchal on topic Re:Website to help with registering volunteers?
You may want to check out They have free event management tools that allow you to send out invitations, get rsvps, sign-up for shifts and even collect event payments. It's worth looking it.

Good luck
10 years 6 months ago #151345 by maryoneil
I started using Volunteer Spot with a church group a couple of months ago and it is great! Very easy to use. Most of my volunteers have been able to acess it without difficulty. Volunteer Spot sends out a reminder to people a day or so before their volunteer comittment. LOVE IT! I am going to set it up for some of our PTO activities.
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