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Website to help with registering volunteers?

14 years 10 months ago #150079 by PRS VP
I just checked out the website. While my school isn't interested in an online volunteer signup at the moment, I did notice a blurb there are PayPal. Does anyone out there have a paypal linked to their PTO account? Has this worked for you? I don't know much about about PayPal; are there any fees associated with using it to accept payment for fundraisers, etc.? Just thinking that if there are no fees to accept funds this way, it may boost fundraising if parents are able to pay by credit card as opposed to writing a check.

14 years 10 months ago #150077 by kward

I'm checking out post and volunteerspot to handle scheduling of concessions volunteers for the next school year. I want a site that will send a reminder email. It appears that VolunteerSpot does, but MySignUp doesn't (after an initial confirmation).

Also, as organizer, I want to be able to clearly see who has signed up for a slot. I can't tell if VolunteerSpot gives me that info.

Do you have info in these areas?

14 years 10 months ago #150069 by xensmom
Our school uses this company called . It is a content management website and our PTO enters all the information. We can send out emails to all our parents, post documents, show all our events. It has been really helpful.
14 years 10 months ago #150068 by seansmother

Bryce B;149989 wrote: PTO Today actually has web-based software that could act as a sign-up feature as well. It's called Volunteer Manager and each parent group has their own URL and you can direct volunteers to the link and they sign themselves into the database. You can collect data such as their contact info, their child's info (teacher, grade, etc) and then compile reports based on any information (teacher reports, entire school directory, events they're assigned to, etc.).

A free trial of Volunteer Manager and more information can be found at Software for Your PTO/PTA Group - Organize Your Group´s Volunteers and Finances | PTO Today .

Best of luck!

I use Volunteer Builder and PTO Manager and love it, although there are some limitations. I would LOVE to see a calendar that would show the event and open time slots, like some of the other sites mentioned here. Maybe PTO Today can tackle that with the next enhancements to the software? It keeps getting better and better.....
14 years 10 months ago #149973 by FoxMom
This is a great idea--- I've never used either site, but I'm going to check them out-- we have an annual fair that takes about 150 volunteers to make the event run-- this would be a great way to have volunteers sign up.
14 years 10 months ago #149942 by JHB
From the organizer side, MySignUp is pretty clunky looking (and sort of ugly). Don't be discouraged, it's really not that hard to figure out. And of course, once you learn to configure a signup, then it's much easier. From the volunteer side, it's simple - piece of cake. So that makes it effective and worth the less-than-intuitive editor interface.

The first time I ever saw it was when my family was signing up for a slot at the church'es pumpkin patch. I think they need 4 people (2 youth/2 adult) for 2 hour shifts across a couple weeks. It's so much coordination and effort. Can you even imagine managing it manually? The constant changes. The Youth Director - of course - still had to beat the bushes for volunteers, but at least the management of shifts was pretty easy.
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