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AR Rewards

14 years 9 months ago #150246 by MomtoZoe
Replied by MomtoZoe on topic RE: AR Rewards
Our Booster Club has created a 2 week long event based around AR tests. We were trying to boost the amount of tests being taken while getting kids excited about reading at the same time. What was born out of this idea is now called "Read Around the World in 14 Days".
Here is the example that I have in my book:

The challenge runs for 14 days from Jan 5-16th (last year) this year will be the 11th-22nd.

"Passports" will be posted in the classrooms and around the school with our pitstops.

We will travel from location to location by earning AR points.

We will make 5 stops: Australia, Madagascar, Brazil, Chicago and Home
Each pit stop we will learn a little about our new location and experience a little of the culture.

Australia- Down Under Extra recess with themed activities (the principal made a didgeridoo and played it for the kids at recess)
Madagascar- Vanilla icecream (in the little cups)
Brazil- A staged picture show with rainforest animals and dark chocolate treats
Chicago- Deep dish pizza (Little Caesar's shhh!)
Home- Huge pajama party

When we arrive home we will have a pajama party and invite readers to come and read to all the classes (local firefighters, policemen and women, veteranarian, cheerleaders, college basketball players, highschool lacrosse players, dentists, ballerinas...) The kids LOVE this part of the week and so do the volunteers who come to help out. It is so great watching 16 and 17 yr old boys reading to a classroom of 4th graders. It really involves our whole community and helps bring not only our school together but gets us in touch with our community leaders as well.

When we complete the challenge, each classroom will receive a prize basket containing the teachers choice of read aloud book, passport bookmarks (I created them in Photoshop) for each studen and hot cocoa. Three moms popped popcorn for all of the students and we deliver them to all of the rooms.

Our total expense was $800.00 BUT get this. Our WHOLE SCHOOL AR point total INCREASED 413% in the first year. And it just keeps increasing.
While our older classes earn more points (because their difficulty gives them higher points) our First and Third grade classes surpsassed the 5th graders in their enthusiasm and we even had the kindergarten classes join in as well. They were SOO excited to be a part of what the bigger kids were doing.

I hope this is of help!

Booster Club President<br />
<br>Fullerton IV Elementary School<br />
<br>Roseburg Oregon
14 years 9 months ago #150216 by cindy scott
Replied by cindy scott on topic RE: AR Rewards
I just remembered a couple of other reward parties I did. Once I contacted the high school drama teacher and asked him if he'd like to have a "practice" rehearsal for one of their big plays that was coming up. They did it for free. Another is I had a magician come to our school.
Another time the high school football players, cheerleaders and mascot came to one of my "Back to School" "AR Kick Offs" and signed autographs and students could get their pictures w/ them. :-)
A big end of year reward once was a field trip to chuck-e-cheese. They received free pizza and a small handful of tokens. They had to earn 200 AR points, which over 80+ students did.
14 years 9 months ago #150214 by cindy scott
Replied by cindy scott on topic RE: AR Rewards
I LOVED AR and volunteered so much w/ AR that my son's school ended up creating a part-time job so I would keep doing it. It was the best job in the entire school (the kids love u as your the reward/party person). Sadly my son is in middle school now and doesn't have AR but I'll share lots of ideas I did various years.
I would choose a theme for each year. The year of the Olympics I ordered these cheap dog tags that were awarded throughout the school year according to how many AR points they earned. I'm not sure their still around but it was called "Tag-It" could order various sizes, shapes, colors and for every 5, 10 points, etc the students would get new tags. These were placed on clips that the students clipped on their backpacks and they were a huge hit. After they earned mile stone AR numbers they'd receive bronze, silver, then gold special tags. I ended up doing that another year it was so popular.
Another big hit w/ the kids was the "Accelerated Reader Wall of Fame". I did this every year. We had a long wall at the entrance of our library and at the beginning of the yr. I'd take each students' photo and then laminate it to whatever shape cutout was our theme. Their picture would move along the wall to the different levels. An example was one year our theme was "Soaring w/ AR" and our mascot was an eagle so it was the biggest level w/ the other levels being falcon, hawk, etc. You could use a theme of "Storming into Reading" and have the rain storm level, blizzard, hurricane, etc.
Another thing we did was have an AR store. Our PTA sponsored it and had a standing committee chair in charge of keeping it stocked w/ goodies the students could come and spend points once a month. She would base items according to the cost - example a dollar a point. She purchase lots of stuff from the Orential Trading so there'd be lots of small point items....but she'd also purchase several big items like ipods, rip sticks, etc. We'd get parent volunteers to take the students to shop once a month....we had this big display cabinet in the main hall so the kids were always looking to see what was there.
It's important to grab the students right off the bat at the beginning of the school year so I would always have some type of "AR Kick Off" contest. Basically, the students (the whole school) had to earn 500 points w/in 6 weeks (easy if u have 400+ students). The reward would be something really fun like the principal kissing a goat, pig....the year of our Olympic theme I had our principal scooter race the assistant principal around our school track. We hammed it up and they dressed up and we played "Rocky" music....the kids talked about that for months. Of course during the kick off contest you make announcements of how many points they've earned once or twice a week and how many more they needed, which I always fudged on so they'd keep reading until the end. :-)
Some of the fun parties I did for students that earned their quarter AR goals.
50's Sock hop w/ a soda fountain giving out coke floats, with it a 50's dress up contest, and dancing contest, sack races
Slip and Slide - this is easy...get plastic tarp u can get at Lowe's or Home Depot, lots and lots of baby shampoo and some play sand....i'd use the sand to keep the tarp in place the w/ a water hose running kept the plastic soaked along w/ baby shampoo for easy sliding.....the kids love this party and I'd end up doing this every year.
Picnic in the park....
Bowling party
Jumpee Jim or big obstacle course....
Hawaiian luau w/ games of hula hooping, limbo, etc have the kids dress hawaiian for that day, hula hop sack races
I'd always take pictures during the parties which I'd place on the AR bullentin board for a week or so....the kids loved seeing their pictures up...then I'd give them to the year book person...which would end up giving AR lots of pages in the year book too. :-)
Another thing I did sometimes during the year is have classroom competitions. Basically each class in a grade competed for a month for a pizza party...a couple of times a week i'd give an update as to how much each class was earning for that month and had it on a bullentin board reserved just for AR i kept decorated. At the end of that month I'd announce the winner and arrange the pizza party for their classroom.
Another year instead of the monthly pizza party competitions I purchased a life size Elvis board cut out...our theme was "Rock - n- Roll Reading" and which ever class earned the most ar points for that month would get elvis by their classroom door for the month...I had an Elvis for each grade so that it was fair....that was a big hit w/ the kids that year. The principal loved it when she would be showing various people around the school during the year and there were these life size Elvis's all around the school.
One thing I did every year for our "Wall of Fame" was at a special location at the end there was an 8x10 picture. The person that earned the most AR points for the entire year would get his/her picture taken and I placed it in that frame along w/ the # of points....this would be up for the entire NEXT school year until the end of that year a new winner earned the award.
I didn't mean for this to be so long but AR is an awsome thing if u can make it fun for the kids and grab their attention. One thing I successfully had our school change w/ AR was go to quartly goals instead of yearly. If a child got really behind on their goal...when it was a yearly one they would usually give up but if they had a fresh start each quarter then they seemed to be determined not to miss the next fun party. Good luck...but mostly have fun w/ it. :-)
14 years 9 months ago #150046 by Lisa @ PTO Today
Replied by Lisa @ PTO Today on topic RE: AR Rewards
Hi Tammie-
Check out these two articles to hear what other PTOs are doing with their reading reward programs:

Reading Challenge Achieves Results -

Building Student Readers -

Would love to hear from other leaders about what they are doing specifically for rewards!

~ Lisa
14 years 9 months ago #149995 by Tammie
AR Rewards was created by Tammie
I am looking for different ideas for AR (accelerated reading) rewards. Such as what point levels do you reward your students and what are some of the prizes? We were thinking 50, 100, 150, 200, 300 and so on. But at what levels to reward what items? Any ideas would be much appreciated.
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