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Bulletin Board Ideas (reposted)

13 years 9 months ago #154490 by PTO Pres
We had a PTO board outside the office for 3 years. We put upcoming meeting dates, things going on at school and just seasonal when nothing to post on there. This year (my 4th as pres) I walked in the school and our bullitan board was GONE (gasp!!!). It has been replaced with a photo of the man the school was named after, which was origanally there and moved when I requested a board. I haven't ask anyone about it. I would like to put one in the teachers lounge, I think thats a great idea except each grade 'pod' has its own lounge so that would be alot of boards (6 acually) to tend to.
13 years 9 months ago #154433 by casersmom
We have the bulletin board outside the front office for the first month of school, so we wanted it to be eye catching. We put up a tree and sun with grass and the words "Falling into a great year at Lincoln School" We then put up leaves in varying degrees of falling from the tree and apples with the school teachers and admin names on them. It was so cute! We have received many compliments on it.
13 years 10 months ago #154105 by Cathie Johnson
Replied by Cathie Johnson on topic Re:Bulletin Board Ideas (reposted)
Since I posted this inquiry, I have recruited a fellow parent to assist in the design, and obtained a school showcase for decorating as well. Our approach (still tweaking) is to use the bulletin board, located just outside of our PTA office, with PTA related topics, upcoming events all tied into a monthly theme, ie. Back To School, Seasonal, while attempting to focus on one major committee activity each month, where applicable.

The showcase, will feature prop items as an eye catcher for upcoming events for the coming month, such as a picnic basket for Back To School Picnic, camera for Fall Pictures and so on....

Fingers crossed for success!!!
13 years 10 months ago #154083 by lapilgrim
Our Bulletin Board is in the Teacher Lounge. I plan to use it as a communication tool with the teachers. List Upcoming Events, post items we are sending home in the Friday Folder, trivial info about items we are collecting or grocery stores that we earn money from, and any current contest. Hopefullly, this will work!
13 years 10 months ago #154081 by Mary
Replied by Mary on topic Re:Bulletin Board Ideas (reposted)
Our bulletin board is right outside the main office where parents have to go to sign their kids out or do anything else with the school. We try to change it up every quarter with eye catching colors and themes. We use if for school stuff but also for community announcement so parents go there to find out what events are happening around town. Last year we started asking for kids artwork to put around the border. What parent doesn't want to look to see if their kid's work is up there. We also try to keep it fun by putting a mystery photo of the month up and the winner gets to eat lunch with their child in the cafeteria.
13 years 10 months ago #154075 by Lisa @ PTO Today
Bulletin Board Ideas (reposted) was created by Lisa @ PTO Today
Re-posted from our Facebook page for Cathie... can anyone help?

Bulletin boards.............what do you display on your PTO/PTA boards?.... school activities, seasons and/or PTO/PTA only topics. Do you have resources specific to PTO/PTA only, or do you draw from typical classroom boards? Ideas, ideas, ideas - what works and what doesn't, please share!

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