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nominating committee issue

10 years 1 month ago #165684 by Aeldra
The pto should have their bylaws or standing rules available for public viewing. Look at it. At my school we take all nominations by paper for 30 days...then we have a xhance for people to nominate from the floor.
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10 years 2 months ago #165493 by gjcoram
I'm surprised the current president can stay on; our by-laws require officers to have a child in the school.
10 years 3 months ago #165444 by Annette Switzer
Replied by Annette Switzer on topic Re:nominating committee issue
I had the same situation happen just last night. I was president for 3 years and decided to step down and take a year off for personal reasons. I continued to attend the monthly meetings and volunteer on committees. Last night was nominations for elections and they couldn't get a full board right off the bat, so I said I would come back on the board if that was what was necessary to keep PTO. The current PTO president said she would stay on as president, even though her child is promoting on out of the school. She then hand selected the rest of her officers. I said I would be a member at large and she said she had someone else that had texted her and wanted the position. She said she wanted to keep me and use me for committees. That is all fine and dandy and I will do that, but I was very sad and disappointed that she could hand pick her officers. I inquired about the by-laws and nominations and was informed that with the new by-laws that was removed and they don't have to have nominations anymore. Very disappointed. Hang in there.
10 years 3 months ago #165443 by Erin
Replied by Erin on topic Re:nominating committee issue
I second what everyone else is saying about the by-laws. Most groups only allow people to be in a board position for about 2 years to keep cliques from happening.

It makes me angry that the board is picking people who don't even sound like they attend meetings to be on the board. Our by laws stated that candidates had to attend at least 2 meetings to be considered.

I think this board needs to be ousted and then you can run. I would NOT want to be on a board where I was not wanted. In fact, a similar thing happened to me. I moved to a new school district after the PTO board was formed. I volunteered for many committees as I have always been actively involved in my kids lives. I never got a call back to help. I went to meetings and gave many suggestions but was considered a pest. The following year they were desperate for a hospitality chair so I took it. I got to know a lot more parents who felt like I did. The next year I was able to join the board due to a resignation. But the entire rest of the term I was treated as an outsider to the point where I got into fighting matches with the president. (Which is not like me, but I had enough and let my emotions get the better of me) She even had her husband sending me rude emails, etc.

The next term I became president and our board was very diverse. I didn't know many of the other people but it was great and I made lifelong friends. As it turns out, I am quite friendly now with the old Pres and her husband - we realize we cannot work together (we are actually too much alike) but really enjoy each other.

So keep trying - keep gaining support from other parents and teachers. Your time will come!
10 years 3 months ago #165441 by jcc0621
I am the current President of our PTO (called the Home & School Association here).

We have the nominating process open to everyone in the school. We send home flyers, put it on our website, facebook page, and send out emails informing everyone that the nominations are open and that they can nominate themselves or someone else (with that persons permission). We can have an unlimited amount of nominees. Then we hold an election (usually during an evening event where we know most everyone will be there) where all dues paying members can vote.

Definitely ask to look at the by-laws. Do you have a town/city wide PTO that oversees all PTO's? (Here is Philly we have a city-wide Home & School Council). If yes I would contact them and ask what the procedure is supposed to be.
10 years 3 months ago #165440 by Frustrated Board Member/Parent
Replied by Frustrated Board Member/Parent on topic Re:nominating committee issue
I thought there for a minute you were at my child's school, but you have a nominating committee and our PTO does not have that. I put my name in as Treasurer and was told they wanted to get new people in. I currently hold a communication position on my PTO board and they tell me nothing!! They put it on Facebook and I get info off it or our Newsletter.

It is a shame: I hear them all the time wishing that more parents would help out, but they are pushing down the parents that do. Even if I can not make board meeting due to a job - I have til yet to receive minutes of the meetings. I have to ask for things to be sent to me and then they don't send them.

I hope that everything works out on your end, but if they have a clique it will be hard to get in that clique until it is broken up. This is coming from experience. Good Luck!
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