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Am I the only one with this problem?

7 years 4 weeks ago #171846 by Rose H
Just wanted to circle back to see if you had a chance to "kick the tires" on Facebook Live.

We have a good post on FB Live that may be helpful to you as well:

Let us know if you have other questions!

7 years 1 month ago #171831 by Anonymous
Replied by Anonymous on topic Am I the only one with this problem?
Thanks Rose, I do try to be specific when asking for help and it has really helped during school pictures...other times not so much. I'll give the fb live a try, i'm not very tech savy but was able to post multiple live feeds during the recent Relay for Life I was volunteering at. it was actually my 2nd time trying live. I'll see if I can't figure it out, and if I can't i'll have one of my kids help me.
7 years 1 month ago #171828 by Rose H
Hi MrDoug,

So, you are not alone at all. Many PTO leaders struggle with this. It is an ongoing and challenging issues.

A few thoughts: When asking parents to help out, keep the request as specific as possible...down to the smallest detail, and in: Can you help work at the upcoming carnival, on Saturday, from 10-10:30am. We need you at the ticket collection table.

Often, when we ask a parent to help out at an event, like a carnival, they, as you say, suddenly become really busy because they think you will want them to help all day long.

Secondly, you mentioned difficulty getting folks to meetings. Many PTO leaders have this challenge. We are finding more and more that leaders are experimenting with Facebook LIVE to broadcast their meetings. This way, people can watch and participate from home.

Hope this helps, Rose
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7 years 1 month ago #171825 by MrDoug
I entered into the PTO as president 2 years ago, I have tried all I can think of to get parents involved but it seems when you start talking about PTO people get "busy" all of a sudden. "I'd like to help but I am busy on the days you have meetings", "I'd like to help but I can't do it after 5 pm or before 4:59pm". Ok so that's a little exaggeration but it feels like that. I've tried classroom contest, and all kinds of different methods and parents just don't seem to be available. I've changed meeting time from noon to 530pm and its still me and the principal. I'm not sure if there will even be a PTO next year. I am the PTO, I'm the President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, Events coordinator, Fundraisers coordinator, I'm trying to do it all. I knew what I was getting into because I took it over it was a 1 person PTO and I had high hopes that I could excite parents, but now I'm feeling beaten and discouraged. Am I the only person with this problem?
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