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Directory and Ferpa (Student/family privacy) Regulations

3 years 11 months ago #173216 by Liz L
Kate, this board doesn't get a lot of traction. That's a great question - I recommend taking it to our PTO/PTA Leaders Facebook group. If you're not a member yet, just request being added and answer the 3 short questions. It can take a couple of days.
4 years 1 week ago #173196 by katemalin
HI Everyone - I'm proposing an online directory for our school's PTO (we have no directory currently), and am getting pushback from the administration of our school due to Ferpa and privacy concerns. Our school has a high number of immigrant and refugee students and so the concern is regarding undocumented minors and if a directory could put families at risk.

Has anyone else had to navigate this issue? What are the work-arounds and solutions - a directory has so many benefits for our school community but I want to make it something that the school is comfortable with. It would be an online, password protected directory....

Thank you for your thoughts and advice!
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