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Dance Planning - Any Food Besides Junk?

20 years 9 months ago #117496 by crazyforPTO
At our school dances we have a photographer come and set up an area where groups or couples can get there picture made. Part of the money if given back to us. This is a pretty good fundraiser. You may already do this, but I thought I would mention it just in case.

On the food area, I can't think of anything else. I agree, we are all junk food junkies!

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20 years 9 months ago #117495 by Myanna1723
Replied by Myanna1723 on topic RE: Dance Planning - Any Food Besides Junk?
Yay!! I can answer a question! I can answer a question!! (rather than asking one!!)


I am also at a middle school of about 900 where we did 3 dances last year with about 300-350 attending. The difference is that we did not charge for concessions. The admission to the dance was $3 and whatever food or drink we had (got donated or bought) was what they got. So, in a sense, right there, you're right. If they had to buy a banana, they probably wouldn't.

Let me just say that of all your is the lesser of the evils. It's not exactly high on the food pyramid...but I think the other "junk" is worse! As for drinks, while we HAVE had soda in the past....we've also had fruit juice and it has gone just as quickly. The kids will be hot and thirsty just by dancing. If you offer them pizza as well...they'll really need a drink and shouldn't much care what it is. In other words, I think you could sell juice and water and have them buy it.

May I you charge admission to your dance and what do you charge for concessions?
20 years 9 months ago #117494 by JHB
The PTO in our middle school hosts the first dance of the year in a couple weeks. It's a school of 800 kids, and apparently 300-350 attend.

In discussing the concessions, we have the typical stuff: soft drinks, chips, pizza, candy. Some of us are bothered by the fact there's not a single healthy item. But to be fair, we've discussed some healthy alternatives and pretty much agree: the kids wouldn't buy them if available.

Do any of you have ideas/do anything different?

This is the sole PTO fundraiser, so we can't afford to buy things that may not sell or to give away food items.
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