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should we include other school in our carnival.. Read

20 years 8 months ago #117563 by chic*mom
Thanks for the advice guys!! I plan on following it.. You're right it is not about these kids or their behavior it's about our school & our event THANKS AGAIN!! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
20 years 8 months ago #117562 by Rockne
This was doesn't seem that tricky to me, and it's really got nothing to do with the troubled kids or their behavior at all.

I don't think it's a controversial decision at all to keep your event to your group only, especially any/all fundraising/sales elements. Pretty standard, if you ask me.

It's not that you don't support the other group or hope the best for them, but your carnival is a big part of your year and that's your policy.

Good luck,


PTO Today Founder
20 years 8 months ago #117561 by <PTA PRES>
Replied by <PTA PRES> on topic RE: should we include other school in our carnival.. Read
I HATE to be put on the spot like this so I have learned a very effective phrase - "I take it before the board." As the president I may lead the group but I don't call the shots. This little phrase lets the asker know they have been heard and will receive an answer. But it gets me "off the hook" and gives us time to form an answer.

In this case, I would not let them have a booth. Because as you point out this is a school event and they are not part of your school. In your case if these students are that bad I would worry about what they would do if they showed up! You can always use the excuse that if you let them you would have to let everyone that askes and you don't want to go down that road.

A possible solution could be to ask what they wanted to raise money for and how much they hoped to earn. If it is something your group can handle maybe you could make a donation to them.
20 years 8 months ago #117560 by chic*mom
Hi All each year we hold a very big Fall carnival...We send home several flyers to every child at our school, but do not advertise to the public. We do the basic game booths, jumpy house, great food etc...

Today I was approced in the parking lot by the teacher from the local community day school, this is a 1-8th grade school with 1 teacher & 1 aide. The kids are sent there after being expelled from our school district (2 schools) for very bad behavior, (not because of learning dissabilities!!) Most of these children are very violent & can not be mainstreamed. Anyway the teacher wanted to have a raffle booth at our Fall Carnival to raise money for her school, the 2 ladies that are chairing the Carnival were there and were taken by surprise from her asking and did not know what to say. I am against this my issues are
1. the kids do not attend our school this carnival is for fun & is not a big fundraiser for us so why let them fundraise there.
2. There parents are not part of our PTA they do not attend meetings, help raise money, etc...
3. The kids had a chance at our school & they were expelled so why let them attend & raise money there.

I know this may sound mean but we work sooo hard to raise money for our school so I do not think it is right for them to come in & hold a raffle & make money off our parents. Many of whom will not know the money is going to a different school. What do you think?? Should we let theM??

And please do not say start including them in your PTA these kids were expelled for reasons you would not believe, if their parents want they can start there own PTA!

PS The teacher also said that it was not fair that she did not get any of our $$$ we give to the teacher.. Whats up with that! :(
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