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family fun night-arts and crafts

16 years 3 months ago #141139 by FoxMom
Misscraft-- Great site... I went there yesterday and saved a bundle-- I have Cub scouts, Girl Scouts and run the school store so there was a lot I could buy there and such a great deal-- Thanks again for the heads up and discount.
16 years 3 months ago #141127 by pals
sand art, spin art, boondoogle, mosiac pictures, foam door knob decos, bookmarks, finger print pictures, beaded items, picture frames, and so on...make sure you have all age groups covered!

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16 years 3 months ago #141117 by missCraft
Hundreds and hundreds of arts and crafts supplies are practically being given away at an East Brunswick business that is in the process of closing. Check out Craft Supply at Kits and Crafts: Art And Craft Supplies, Wholesale Craft Supply, Wood Craft Projects, Leather Crafts and then enter the special code (ckc72ed) to receive a 70% discount off wholesale. We have stocked up here in Texas!:)
16 years 4 months ago #140314 by Marcelle Philosophe
Replied by Marcelle Philosophe on topic RE: family fun night-arts and crafts

shannlee;118898 wrote: We are a k-6 school and I really need help picking a craft for our fun night. We are in the process of switching from a carnival type fun fair-to something more family oriented. We thought of also doing a summer themed family vb game the same night. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!

I've got a great ideas! 1 is the kids could go find a rock outside,then make a face on it so they have a pet rock. 2 is the teacher would take a class picture to give to the children, and they could make picture frames. 3 is finger painting. 4 is making bracelats and neclaces with beads.5 is oragami, and 6 is making a book. Enjoy your special night!
19 years 1 month ago #118900 by kelleyraek
At our night, we did stamped ceramic tiles, pet rocks, picture frames, and an imagination station where the kids could do whatever they wished. Hope this helps get your ideas flowing.
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Mount Vernon, WA
19 years 1 month ago #118899 by LUVMYKIDS
Try searching this site for "crafts". I know there have been tons of posts on this topic with some really great, inexpensive ideas. Also, you can go to the School Family Nights section(see left) and order the Crafts Night planning kit. If you're looking for games to play that night too, order the Fun and Games Night package. We used that at our school and had a fantastic turnout.

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