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Art presentation

16 years 9 months ago #136361 by OneandOnly
Replied by OneandOnly on topic RE: Art presentation
ask your Treasurer or board of Ed finance person to check the records. They had to have gotten paid and there should be record of who it was on the books.

Doing it for my one and only ~~ my son!
16 years 9 months ago #136151 by Schroeder
Replied by Schroeder on topic RE: Art presentation
We are in MA also - was it this person:

Amazing Hero Art Title Page
16 years 9 months ago #136147 by momawebb
Art presentation was created by momawebb
Five years ago (or so) our school hired an artist/performer who came in and gave a very inspirational/motivational program where he created large 5x6 portraits in about 5 minutes. Sounds odd but it was really amazing and had tears in our teachers eyes and the kids glued to their seats! Does anybody know who I'm speaking about because we are at a new school now and I would like to locate him to come to this school. We live in Massachusetts.
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