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Family Arts & Crafts Night

16 years 5 months ago #139971 by Debbieomi
Fantastic! Did you do most of the crafts through OTC?
Perhaps the next time, each family could be issued a specific number of tickets for crafts. If you know most were able to complete 2 crafts each this time, then issue 2 tickets for each family next year, or even make it 3. Have people turn in their ticket to do the craft. No one could go table to table collecting the crafts that way.
16 years 5 months ago #139964 by cottonwoodptc
We just had a family arts & crafts night at our school, and I'd say it was a huge success. We ordered dozens of various holiday crafts and just had families come in and make them together. We sold some snacks to help recoop some of the cost, but this was more of a night for fun rather than a fundraiser. The families in attendance (a bitter cold night by the way) absolutely loved it. We had crafts for all ages, including ones that required glue guns (yikes!). We asked for parents that wanted to share their own crafts to come in if they'd like, and we had one, and she did some sort of origami/paper-folding craft that was fairly neat.
I was very pleased with the evening. It was indeed a family night, as the families there really enjoyed themselves... for free! As time was limited, not everyone was going to be able to make every craft. This was something we expected, and the families had to choose which crafts they were going to do together and those that they would not do. We had plenty of stock, so that was not an issue. The only "problem" we encountered were a few parents going around and collecting a craft (they came in individual baggies) from every station and taking them home. This kind of defeated the purpose of the night, as we were not giving crafts out for free to take home but to build with your family. One kind word was spoken aloud on this matter, and the problem seemed to be solve.
We've already been approached about doing this next year. It is definitely a consideration. Again, this one cost us a little bit to put on, but it was well worth it!

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