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Bingo Night

16 years 3 days ago #142250 by 4kidsmom
Replied by 4kidsmom on topic RE: Bingo Night
We just had our 3rd bingo night & it was another success. Being a school of 93% low income, we encourage our teachers/staff to donate items new or in very good shape used items for our prize table. We charge $.25 per card, popcorn, drink & cookie. Sometimes we would do a bingo & sometimes we would continue playing the same card for a few more times to keep people bingoing. We end up with so many donated items we always have leftover items that are given away to all those who have not bingoed at the end. It is a very fun and inexpensive way to get the families out to the school. We had such a huge turnout this year, we had to bring in more tables & chairs. We ended up with a profit of over $200, a lot of quarters (which of course this was not to be a fundraiser, but a fun night out for our families)!
16 years 4 days ago #142241 by 4kidsmom
Replied by 4kidsmom on topic RE: Bingo Night
I am interested in knowing a little more about the bingo nights. Do you need a license how do you run them, any ideas and if anyone has a printable bingo card that they could send me email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks
16 years 4 days ago #142239 by LaurieBrasil
Replied by LaurieBrasil on topic RE: Bingo Night
We also have a Bingo Night in March. It's a Free Event!! We have it 6-8pm on a Friday night just for 2nd and 3rd graders. Parents are incuraged to drop and go. We have a budget of 200.00 for snacks, drinks and lots of prizes. Webkinz have been the prizes to win for the last two years. It's lots of fun, we have just played the tradional one line any way Bingo and after we have one winner we will continue to call more balls until we have a couple more. We have each and every child win one to two prizes. :D
16 years 4 days ago #142231 by Nellie7399
Replied by Nellie7399 on topic RE: Bingo Night
Does anyone have a bingo card they could email me for our bingo night? We have a hard copy but our district wants it on email so they can print it. If anyone has one to share please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you
16 years 1 week ago #142183 by 4kidsmom
Replied by 4kidsmom on topic RE: Bingo Night
Hey! We have Bingo night every March at our school but it has a little twist! We also raffel off themed gift baskets. A few weeks before the even, we assign each class room a them such as Family Movie night, chocolate lover, bakers basket, Ice cream basket, reading basket, craft basket sports lovers basket, etc. Each child (or most anyway) bring an item or two to contribute to their class basket. Some times we duplicate a basket and make two of the same thing. The week of the even, volunteers gather all of the items and baskets and assemble them with clear cleo wrap. Most of the time the baskets are HUGE! We usualy end up with at least 30 baskets FULL of GREAT STUFF some valued at over $100.00! We also speak to several local business owners and restraunts and get them to donate items like gift certs for dinner, free carpet cleaning, bikes etc. On the night of the event, We sell "raffel" tickets (double roll of tickest)for $1.00 each. We put a paper bag in front if each basket and item up for raffel. The kids and grownups keep one ticket and put the matching one in any bag they choose. Then we draw a winner from the bag later twards the end of the night.
We start out with a (no longer than) 10 minute PTO meeting. ( Have to take advantage of a captive audience.) Then we serve pizza and drinks along with chips and cookies ( We take reservations in advance to get an estimate on how much we should order).We play actual BINGO for about an hour and then read all of the winning raffel ticket numbers and hand out the baskets/prizes at the end ( about 30 minutes). Bingo is fun but the Baskets are the BEST! Everyone loves this event and we have a great turn out. We made over $1,200 this year after all was said and done. The cost is very low for this event and turn out is hight! It is easy to set up and take down.
16 years 1 week ago #142125 by mamachrissy
Replied by mamachrissy on topic RE: Bingo Night
Since we charge 25 cents per card we use some of our earnings from this for various prizes throughout the event. They range anywhere from $5 to our big prize of either $40 or $50 at the end, which is always a coverall game. We simply throw them in every 3rd game or so. the kids love it!
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