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Mother Son Dance - actual song suggestions

6 years 8 months ago #171889 by CCM
My son and daughter love any of the soundtracks of the kids movies: sing, trolls, shrek, etc. they dance all over the house to them and sing along. I have to say as an adult I like them as well. Hope this helps.
15 years 9 months ago #142701 by FoxMom
Kids Bop CDs--- there are 12-14 versions--- Each has great songs for boys/girls...
15 years 9 months ago #142690 by Caroline V
Replied by Caroline V on topic RE: Mother Son Dance - actual song suggestions
We just did a mother-son dance at our school with a sports theme. The moms requested more slow songs next year, as we only had two. Not too many of the moms danced, but there were tons of boys running around "dancing" with their friends. Oriental Trading Company sells a boys dance CD, and we used some of those songs. Our DJ brought the music, so I didn't worry about that too much.

There is a song I think it's called car wash that the boys loved. Who let the dogs out was very popular, even though it's old. Also, they liked doing the conga line. Sorry I'm not more help!

Other than dancing, we had a couple activities for the moms and sons to do during the dance. We did a ping-pong relay (give the mothers the ping pongs, not the boys) and a tennis ball toss (all 2nd graders and moms should use one hand - again, give the mothers the tennis balls, not the kids). We also had a raffle of little items, with one big prize for the end. Boys will take any decorations not nailed down, so be careful about what you put up!

Activities we had in the food area were baggo, bulls eye toss, magnetic darts, an autograph wall, tattoos that the moms could put on their sons, bowling, and a putting green.
15 years 10 months ago #142430 by Debbieomi
I have an 11 year old and the boy loves anything hip hop. Sorry, I don't have any song titles coming to mind right now.
A family dance has run through the back of my brain for many a year. (We had one four years ago, very successful in attendance but more running around than dancing and parents mostly sat on the sidelines.) If I ever got the energy up to add another event to my agenda, I would make it a more fun dance. I would ask the local dance school to come in and teach some basics. Perhaps the hottest new dance craze or something from 20-30 years ago...electric slide anyone? There could also be hula dancing, a limbo contest, etc.
Would boys actually get out on the dance floor? Especially with their moms and their friends are around?
:confused: I know mine wouldn't, even if I offered him money! :D
15 years 10 months ago #142369 by MrPresident
Let me start off by saying I'd been to 2 Father Daughter dances before (put on by the Girl Scouts) and our PTO put one on last week to a huge success. At the 2 dances I went to, they were nightmares, and I kept mental notes of what not to do, and what to improve on. No hokey DJ - The DJ at the 2 events I went to played mainly adult music and was a huge distraction. The kids were bored out of their minds and the dads didn't dance at all. I made a huge playlist, 2 1/2 hours worth, and ran it off my laptop through the schools PA system, mainly music for the kids with a handful of adult songs and had only 2 slow songs at the end to close out the event. Also we setup food the kids would actually eat, etc and this worked.

The problem is I have 2 girls, and I have tons of knowledge on what girls listen to. Boys on the other hand, not so much. Searching on Google gives me nothing except wedding songs, which will not fly with k-5 grade boys. I'm looking for suggestions, I've got the High School Musical/Jonas Brothers/Hannah Montana angle covered, just wondering if anyone has done this on their own or has suggestions on what to play. Our biggest compliments other than the event being awesome was that everyone enjoyed the tempo of the songs and the slow ones at the end, everyone loved it.

So please, fire away :)

I will post a list of my song list we used for the Father Daughter dance when I get to my other computer in the morning. Google didn't yield any results on that either, just a bunch of sappy mother son wedding songs :)
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