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Muffins for Mom/Donuts for Dad canceled

15 years 9 months ago #142813 by Rockne
Gosh -- what nonsense. I think I would propose "Twinkies for Tots", "MoonPies for Moms" events as alternatives, but that would just be me being bitter.

Have definitely seen wellness policies causing confusion, but yours is a pretty extreme case. Part of being well is to have common sense and balance, too. Perhaps you guys can help the wellness police see that point, as well.

Have also seen that many local committees have mis-read (too strongly) actual state or national regulations. Events like those you are almost always just fne.


PTO Today Founder
15 years 9 months ago #142812 by redroses
Hi there,

Yesterday parents received a flyer from PTA stating "due to a newly implemented school wellness policy that restricts the types of food that can be distributed on school grounds we must cancel Muffins for Mom/Donuts for Dad". (Westside Union school district in California)

The event was scheduled for tomorrow morning. Needless to say, myself and lots of other parents are upset that PTA could not come up with an alternative in a more timely manner since this policy has evidently been an ongoing issue the whole school year. Sadly the parents not on the PTA board have not been informed by the elementary school or thru thePTA general association meetings that there is a new "policy" being implemented.

Has anyone else run across this in their state or is this just in California?
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