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Field Day

16 years 6 days ago #143154 by OntheGoPTO
Replied by OntheGoPTO on topic RE: Field Day
We do the usual three-legged race, water balloon race, wheelbarrow, etc. The sixth grade vs teachers softball game is a big hit. :p The kids get to play in the sprinkler at the end of the games to cool down. We have a cookout and serve salad, hot dogs, etc. This year we hired the ice cream man - it's a BIG surprise for the kids. We live in a rural area where the ice cream man doesn't make the usual after supper rounds and many kids have never seen or purchased from an ice cream truck. Can't wait to see their excited faces when they are finishing with lunch and the ice cream truck comes jingling through the parking lot. The PTO voted to pay the tab for whatever they choose up to $2.50 per student. THis works because we have a small school - just 86 students in K-6.
16 years 6 days ago #143144 by mseg16222
Replied by mseg16222 on topic RE: Field Day
Not sure what you currently have we do the tug of war for the older kids, three legged race, softball throw, long jump, wheel barrel race, sack races (younger kids, relay races, and of course all of the running events and the long jump. We have ours next Thursday. We purchase shirts for all the kids. The school is divided into 3 different teams the winning team gets a healthy snack. But it gets all of the kids cheering for each other. We have freeze pops for all of the kids and they get ribbons for their events.
Love to hear what everyone else is doing.
16 years 6 days ago #143140 by PresidentJim
Field Day was created by PresidentJim
Does anyone have a Field Day flyer that they would be willing to upload to the file sharing. I was surprised to not find any there, but maybe I wasn't looking in the right place...

Also, I have a good selection of Field Day games that we've run in the past, but I'm looking for new ideas to bring to the committee. Anyone have any?

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