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Ice Cream Social

13 years 7 months ago #154080 by lisa
Replied by lisa on topic Re:Ice Cream Social
We have done it two ways. 1. Was we did ice cream on a stick, this way we would have less mess and only picked 4 kinds. 2. This year we are going with Sone cones, and flavors. It is coming from a local vendor and we will have zero mess! The vendor is only charging us $1 per person.
13 years 8 months ago #153684 by Ang
Replied by Ang on topic Re:Ice Cream Social
We have done 2 Ice Cream Socials ~ They're a lot of fun... We get our Principals to Serve the Ice Cream. Were a District wide P.T.C. with 4 Schools! We just get an assembly line going with Ice Cream and Toppings... Super Fun and the kids love it.
15 years 6 months ago #144217 by LEPTO
Replied by LEPTO on topic RE: Ice Cream Social
We do an ice cream social to kick off back to school. We have about 450 students. We purchase ice cream (in cups already) from our local Dairy Queen at a discounted rate. We usually purchase 350 cups and we have not run out before. DQ also supplies us with sprinkles and chocolate syrup. We use to purchase extra toppings to add, but last yearwe kept it simple and only provided chocolate syrup to put on top. We usually only have two people work at the ice cream table to passout the cups and the kids put their own chocolate syrup on ( it comes with a pump) so it is easy and mess free for the most part. This year I have two high school girls who have siblings at our school who will be passing out ice cream so all the parents can be free to mingle and visit.
15 years 6 months ago #144215 by anne0867
Replied by anne0867 on topic RE: Ice Cream Social
Our ice cream socail is pretty simple. We take Pre-orders for all ice cream sundae's. We also have some extra for people who may not of pre-ordered, or if extra people come.
We purchase wrapped squares of vanilla ice cream from GFS. Teachers "scope" (unwrap) ice cream and help put on toppings. We sell each sundae for $1.50.

We also have our themed basket raffles, bake sale and book fair during the evening.

Last year, we had an airbrush tattoo artist, bowling and a speed pitch machine set up.
15 years 6 months ago #144213 by LEPTO
Replied by LEPTO on topic RE: Ice Cream Social
No Dixie cups for us! We gather about a 10-12 volunteers and set up about 4 lunchroom tables (maybe 40-50 linear feet). Then we do it assembly line style with volunteers serving everything rather than having kids help themselves. The beginning of the line starts with ice cream (at least 3 flavors) and then various toppings down the line: chocolate, caramel, or strawberry syrup, whipped cream, gummi bears, crumbled oreos, chocolate or colored sprinkles, sliced bananas, sliced strawberries, and, of course, the ever-important cherry!

It's a huge hit but everyone loves it. We do this for kids only as a celebration once their standardized testing has been completed (several days in Washington state). It's a celebration and thank you for a job well done!
15 years 6 months ago #144189 by northeastmom
Replied by northeastmom on topic RE: Ice Cream Social
In the past we went with our local Maggie Moos, they provided several flovors, kept it cold, scooped for us and provied toppings, cups, spoons etc. easy and no parents are pulled away from the event and their family. We are looking into Dippin Dots this year or the local frozen custard shop. The ice cream is free (pd by PTO)so everyone can attend.
Send home an RSVP form to get a # estimate for the event.
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