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Family Bingo Night

2 years 7 months ago #172060 by Ann-Marie Brown
Replied by Ann-Marie Brown on topic Re:Family Bingo Night
Thank you for posting this. We were going to hold one, but now turning into a can of worms. I searched internet and husband said it was illegal to hold in NJ (he's an attorney) ; but didnt want to get into the stature and research of it. do you happening to know the website you found it on?
1 year 7 months ago #172847 by kvicars
Replied by kvicars on topic Family Bingo Night
Hi there! We do a fall carnival/bingo night & a spring bingo night. Years ago our PTO then invested in a bingo machine, it blows the balls up & you call out the number & place it on the board in its numbered spot. We purchase rolls of 25 cent tickets & bundle them into groups of $5, $10 & $20. We re-use those tickets each year until they can't be reused then we purchase more. Each bingo card is $1 (4 tickets) we also have our concession stand open that is ticket only ranging from 2-tickets to 8 tickets) The only cash handled at our events are when they purchase the tickets at the door.
We place brown paper bags with crayons in them on each table for the guests to use to mark their numbers. This year I purchased 3,000 paper bingo cards from the cheapest place I could find them which was for like $50 & those will last us at least 2-3 years.
Our school is Pre-K-8th grade and for each bingo event we have each classroom (30 classes) pick a basket theme & the students bring items for their class basket theme & those baskets are what is given away to whoever gets a bingo. We usually have 30 baskets if some classes have enough items for 2 baskets we may have more. For some baskets that are really neat we will set them aside for a silent auction.
We just had our fall carnival/bingo night this year we didn't have anything for the silent auction but we raised over $6,000 that is after expenses such as the bingo cards, & concession items.
Our bingo nights are our huge huge events!!! I am always amazed at how many people love to play bingo. We advertise it outside of school too, we will have people come that don't even know anyone at our school.
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