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Ideas for a Family Dinner Night

7 years 10 months ago #170140 by Chowder cometition
Replied by Chowder cometition on topic Ideas for a Family Dinner Night
Here in the Pacific Northwest Chowder competitions are very successful :)
11 years 3 months ago #162064 by Rose H
Great observation, Jan! You really do get lots of family in when you combine good food and a chance for kids to entertain!

Rose C.
11 years 4 months ago #161886 by Jan
Replied by Jan on topic Re:Ideas for a Family Dinner Night
We have done "chicken soup with rice" night with chili and salad also served. we read the M. Sendak book, sing the song (Carol King's) and make it about reading fun.

we find if you combine a chance for aome kids to be on stage with food you get lots of family.

14 years 6 months ago #150257 by Mrs.Beverly
Replied by Mrs.Beverly on topic RE: Ideas for a Family Dinner Night
How do you think it would turn out if we wouldn't charge are families?
At our school we want to raise money for our children but maybe for the first time we can work something out as far as our parents donating things. maybe five parents donate the salse and five donate the nooddles and the main person donate the hamburger. We need some ideals to get our parents more involved. We have a percentage of 250 students and we would like to get the in for their chidren to have a brighter future, please give me some advice. Thank you.
14 years 6 months ago #150252 by jmus29

kimcanino;150059 wrote: To JMUS29 or actually anyone who has done the spaghetti dinner!:
Can you tell me how the whole event was set up? As far as serving? Did you have people serving plain pasta and then the crock pots set up at the end for people to choose? I have been wanting to do this and it seems like a huge undertaking. I was also thinking of getting some local restaurants to donate a pan of pasta with sauce too. Thanks
Kim Canino

For our spaghetti dinner, the PTO provided (or was sometimes able to get donated) pasta, simple salad, bread, and parmesan cheese. Families made sauce to enter into the sauce competition. We kept all the PTO provided food at one area and had volunteers serving lunch line style. All the sauces were at another table for people to choose whichever sauce they liked. We got volunteer judges from the local Navy base to come in and taste test our sauce and choose a winner.

Spaghetti dinner is "kind of" a big undertaking for us because we are a very small school without a complete kitchen at our disposal. The hardest part was getting the pasta cooked in a timely manner and then keeping it hot, but we've done this for three or four years now. Generally we charge $5 per person (with a $15 per family max), and we make a few hundred dollars each time. Our family nights are really not meant as fundraisers; we are just happy if we can meet our activity expenses! :)

Hope this answered your questions!
14 years 6 months ago #150173 by Mrs.Beverly
Replied by Mrs.Beverly on topic RE: Ideas for a Family Dinner Night
Hi . Someone posted a comment about a Fish Fry Dinner Night. Has anyone done this? A Parent mentioned it last year at a meeting and we were thinking about it but need more info. Thanks.
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